17 May 2017

What is Git – A Complete Git Tutorial For Beginners

This DevOps Tutorial on what is Git & what is GitHub will let you know all about Version Control System & Version Control Tools like Git. You will learn all the Git commands to create repositories on your local machine & GitHub, commit changes, push & pull files. Also you will get your hands on with some advanced operations in Git like branching, merging, rebasing etc.

Topics covered in this video:

  1. Version Control introduction
  2. Why version Control
  3. Version Control Tools
  4. Git & GitHub
  5. Case Study: Dominion enterprises
  6. What is Git
  7. Features of Git
  8. What is a Repository
  9. Git Operations and Commands
Git Logo - Git Tutorial - Edureka



  • Neha says:

    Hi Reshma.. I find your video really useful. I have one query, when i use git pull origin master command to pull the code, it says ‘fatcal: Repository not found’.. why so ?

  • Sudha Bhargavi says:

    Its very exciting to learn from your video. So clear concepts and the way of explanation is very nice.

    • EdurekaSupport says:

      Hey Sudha, glad you loved the video. Do subscribe and browse through our other blogs. Cheers!

  • Chandra Prakash says:

    Amazing way to teach ! Feeling wow!!!

  • Bhavana veldurthi says:

    can i merge only selected files from sub branch to main branch?

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