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31 Dec 2014

Ways to Succeed with Hadoop in 2015

The webinar on Big Data and Hadoop titled ” Ways to Succeed with Hadoop in 2015 ” conducted by Edureka in association with TechGig on 29th December 2014

Hadoop Predictions for 2015

Already a successful open-source framework, Hadoop is set to be a trailblazer in 2015 and has generated a lot of buzz among industry experts worldwide. According to Gary Nakamura, CEO of Concurrent, Inc., “As the market continues to catch up to the hype, 2015 will be the year that Hadoop becomes a worldwide phenomenon. As part of this, expect to see more Hadoop-related acquisitions, IPOs and the rise of new jobs”. Meanwhile Neil Mendelson, VP-Big Data & Advanced Analytics adds, “Hadoop and NoSQL will graduate from mostly experimental pilots to standard components of enterprise data management, taking their place alongside relational databases”. Monte Swezen, Co-founder and CEO of Spice Machine says that there will be a “strong demand” for Hadoop to become more real-time and transactional, as it becomes a viable alternative for traditional database vendors like Oracle MySQL.

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  • Sushant says:

    Please share the java source code associated with this webinar

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