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6 May 2015

Refresh and Evaluate your Readiness for PMP Exam

PMP Exam-Program Overview

This PMP® Refresher Course is designed to help participants who are intending to appear for PMP® exam soon or who wants to know what they need to learn to be a PMP®. It will help them refresh all their learning in just 1 day. This one day class will focus on 360 degree review of The PMBOK® Guide – 5th Edition and clear any knowledge bottlenecks that could stand in the way of passing the PMP exam. Learn more about ITIL and its framework from the ITIL Course.

Refresh And Evaluate Your Readiness For PMP Exam | PMP Certification | PMP Refresher Course





This PMP Refresher Course is designed to help you in your PMP exam preparation. If you are intending to appear for PMP exam soon or want to know what you need to learn to be PMP certified.

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