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15 May 2014

Python for Big Data Analytics

Python is a functional and flexible programming language that is powerful enough for experienced programmers to use, but simple enough for beginners as well. Python is a well-developed, stable and fun to use programming language that is adaptable for both small and large development projects. Among modern languages, its agility and the productivity of Python-based solutions is legendary. Companies of all sizes and in all areas – from the biggest investment banks to the smallest social/mobile web app startups – are using Python to run their business and manage their data. Python for Big Data analysis is all about manipulating, processing, cleaning, and crunching Big Data in Python.

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Video on Python For Big Data Analytics:

Presentation on Python for Big Data Analytics:

Python for Big Data Analytics from Edureka!

The Webinar covered the following topics:

1. Introduction to Python.
2. Python and Big Data.
3. Python and Data Science.
4. Key features of Python and their usage in Business Analytics.
5. Business Analytics with Python – Real world Use Cases.

In case of any queries feel free to mention them in the Comments section and we will clarify your doubts.

Download the Code snippets used in each of the examples from below :

Companies using Python:

Companies using Python-Python-Edureka
  • dan says:

    what’s the editor you’re using?

    • EdurekaSupport says:

      Hi Dan, we are using an IDE i.e PyCharm. However you may use any other IDE or editor of your choice and we will be able to help you.

  • Iqbal says:

    Just finished watching the presentation by Mr. Balram. It was highly informative! I was wondering if the presented materials can be downloaded from somewhere? Thanks.

    • EdurekaSupport says:

      Hi Iqbal, We don’t have an option to download the presentation. You can refer to this blog post for the video and the presentation.

  • Erica Li says:

    I have tried to do by hadoop streaming. I am wondering how to apply python module like NLTK, scipy, numpy in reduce process. How to integrate all of them in python and haoop. Thanks

    • EdurekaSupport says:

      To include the python module like NLTK, scipy, numpy in reduce process. We would just
      need to write the code in accordance with the package after having imported the
      packages . It should then work as it is like ordinary map-reduce streaming
      program .

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