4 Aug 2015

Nandan Nilekani on Entrepreneurship

India : A Million Opportunities Now

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  • shiva says:

    Looking for very energetic partner from India to be a part
    of USA based firm.

  • Nag Chaitu says:

    How can we select a cofounder if we dont have any person as a partner to startup a company #AskNandanOn

  • Mukesh Warrier says:

    India has lac of milliners but still …….

  • Rohit Sobti says:


  • Anil Patel says:

    Thank Edureka !!

  • Jyotirmay Samanta says:

    The questions in the later half of the video is really inaudible. Can you pls provide a transcript of the questions and subtitle them in the appropriate place?

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