4 Aug 2015

Nandan Nilekani on Entrepreneurship

India : A Million Opportunities Now

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  • Devsankar Chakraborty says:

    How would one ensure sustainability of startups in the present market scenario ?

  • Rajesh Kushalkar says:

    Dear Sir, I have been following ekStep and its a great initiative, I have question on Growth of Indian education system through ICT and how to bridge the gap of educated teachers and accept the ICT for teaching

  • Manoj Agrawal says:

    Can you please repeat the questions that are asked?


    Why parliament is still not approved the AADHAAR
    authentication bill and each and every time it has to give reply in SC even
    after spending mammoth amount on it and find suitable to implement DBT?

  • StartupSanatana says:

    We are coming out with something like; “A Class or School without a Teacher” where our Web-Mobile App acts like a Teacher

  • prabu T says:

    I’m interested to start information technology based new innovative learning and development.please guide me how to get funds my innovative ideas

  • StartupSanatana says:

    How can we meet you in the context of a Nobel Statup?

  • ajit says:

    hi abhilash, yes it has started 15 mins back

  • prabu T says:

    could you tell me some funds providing companies for new entrepreneurs

  • ajit says:

    Do you think ola & uber are making profit? When will the break-even happen?? Is the only way to ask for more funds from VC?

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