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27 Nov 2014

Microsoft .NET Framework : An IntelliSense Way of Web Development

Introduction to Microsoft .NET Framework

Microsoft .NET framework, popularly referred to as MS.NET is a powerful tool that provides application development in Object Oriented Programming model and support to develop Windows Application, Web Application and Web Services. Most of available frameworks like Java or PHP take care of one layer or a part of the application development, but .NET also allows development of applications in different Layered/Tiered models to work on the main business logic rather then worrying about non-application code.

.NET – IntelliSense Way of Web Development

IntelliSense is Microsoft’s popular implementation of ‘intelligent sense’ that is featured in Visual Studio. It is basically a form of intelligent code completion that is a context-aware code completion feature in programming environments that accelerates the process of coding applications by reducing typos and other common mistakes. By using IntelliSense in web development, .NET coders can finish bigger tasks in lesser time and thus improve their overall productivity.

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