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11 Jun 2015

Mastering Regex in Perl

Understanding Perl

Perl is a sophisticated, general purpose programming language with a rich software development environment. It is platform independent, high level and easy to use, designed to make the difficult jobs easy. It is a portable and scalable language that provides better structure for large programs than any other computer language. It’s simple structure, a clearly defined syntax and relatively few keywords that allows the student to pick up the language in a relatively short period of time.and Debug it easily with its built-in debugger. Perl is one of the three P’s in the LAMP stack. According to ‘Perl is used in virtually 100 percent of the Fortune 500, in a wide range of mission-critical systems’. According to Active Perl, there are 200 Thousand ActivePerl downloads each month. This video explains how to master Regex in Perl.

Mastering Perl Scripting | Webinar -1 | Edureka


Perl stands for Practical Extraction and Report Language. Perl is a programming language developed by Larry Wall.It is especially designed for text processing.
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