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26 Nov 2014

Linux Administration : Past, Present & is the Future

Linux – the Past

Linux is an operating system that evolved from a kernel created by Linus Torvalds in his student days at the University of Helsinki. It is an interface between a computer/server hardware and the programs which run on it. Linux’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it is not a program like a word processor and is not a set of programs like an office suite.

While Linus Torvalds was studying at University of Helsinki, he was using a version of the UNIX operating system called ‘MINIX’. During the period of usage, Linus and several other users sent requests for modifications and improvements to MINIX’s creator Andrew Tanenbaum, but he felt that they weren’t necessary and did not take any action. That’s when Linus decided to create his own operating system that would take into account users’ comments and suggestions for improvements and introduced Linux OS in 1991.

linuxLinux – the Present & Future

Presently Linux is enjoying success as a tremendously stable and versatile operating system, particularly noted as a network server. It’s advantageous to deploy Linux as a web server or in corporate networks as its down-time is almost negligible. Apart from that, Linux is very cost-effective to use as it can be installed on a home PC as well as an official network server for a fraction of the cost of other popular software packages.

Industry experts might argue that Linux might fade away in future with rival companies fighting to take over the market by introducing feature-rich and faster versions of their OS at competitive prices. But the fact still stands true that Linux will always be around due to its ‘malleable’ nature- it might not have a sizable market share, but it will always remain firmly as an alternative to Windows and OS X, until the next big things arrives in the OS industry space and blows the competition away!

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