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22 Sep 2014

Introduction to PMI-ACP®

The above video is the recorded session of the webinar conducted on 20th September’14. The topic of the webinar was “Introduction to PMI-ACP®”.

Topics Covered in the Webinar:

  • Why PMI-ACP®?
  • Job roles of a PMI-ACP®  Credential Holder
  • PMI-ACP®  Vs PMP®
  • Exam and Certification Process of PMI®
  • How will the certification help?
  • PMI-ACP®  – Salary Trends
  • Project Examples

What is PMI-ACP®?

PMI-ACP® or ‘Project Management Institute – Agile Certified Practitioner’ is a certification awarded to validate your knowledge on Agile principles, practices, tools and techniques across Agile methodologies. Agile Methodology is a general Project Management approach practiced and applied by Project Managers to virtually every project in a variety of organizations and industries. In response to the growing relevance of Agile Methodologies in the industry, Project Management Institute® has come up with this certification exam.

Who Should Apply for it?

Prerequisites for PMI-ACP® Certification:

  • General Project Experience – One should have 2,000 hours of experience working on project teams, earned within last 5 years. An Active PMP® or PgMP® will satisfy this requirement.
  • Agile Project Experience – 1,500 hours working on projects with Agile Methodologies. These hours are exclusive of the 2,000 hours of general project experience.
  • Training in Agile Practices – 21 contact hours earned in Agile practices
  • Examination – To test the knowledge on  Agile fundamentals

Why Should You Apply?

You should apply for the certification for the following reasons:

  • If you are already applying Agile practices in your projects.
  • If your organization is planning to adopt Agile methodology in its project management approach.
  • To become a versatile Project Manager.
  • To be able to quickly adapt to growing business needs.
  • To apply more value-driven and insightful approach to your projects.
  • To advance your career as a Project Manager

PMI-ACP® is a registered mark of Project Management Institute, Inc. Edureka is a Global PMI® REP: ID 4021

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