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1 Sep 2014

Introduction to Pentaho BI

The above video is the recorded session of the webinar on the topic “Introduction to Pentaho BI”, which was conducted on 30th August’14

Introduction to Pentaho BI

With organizations worldwide generating petabytes and terabytes of data, there comes a need to process this data and take strategic business decisions based on it. The data that is being generated can be classified into unstructured, semi-structured and structured data that is needed to be processed for taking business decisions. There are various platforms for Business Intelligence that can process such data but Pentaho is increasingly viewed as an ideal platform due to its various unique features.

Pentaho Logo - Pentaho Architecture - EdurekaTo begin with, Pentaho Business Analytics is a suite of open source Business Intelligence (BI) products, which provide data integration, OLAP services, reporting, dashboarding, data mining and ETL capabilities.

One of the main features of Pentaho is its integration and embedding of data. Pentaho, being open source and providing support to Hadoop Distribution, NoSQL databases and analytics database, has become a popular choice among organizations looking to address their business intelligence needs. One of the main uses of Pentaho is in the domains, such as Big Data, Data Integration and integration of Business Analytics for enterprise applications.

Why Pentaho BI ?

Pentaho’s open source Business Intelligence (BI) products are leaders in the market and organizations prefer Pentaho due to the following features:

  • Accelerates user productivity and performance
  • Enables easy access, management and combining data from any source
  • Enables turning data into insights and making business decisions based on it
  • Empowers developers with visual tools to reduce coding and accomplish greater productivity
  • Provides a combination of integration and business Analytics platform that accelerates the realization of value from Big Data
  • Allows business users to be self-reliant by providing  immediate access to analyze and visualize any data.

Need for Pentaho BI

Organizations today are looking for Business Intelligence platforms that are expected to fulfill three fundamental objectives of an organization:

1) Precise and concise interpretation of Big Data

2) Identifying new opportunities

3) Implementing an effective strategy to have a competitive edge.

Apart from that, the organizations look for an ideal platform that has low integration and infrastructure cost, easy scalability, unlimited visualization and data sources. The preference for Pentaho is further reiterated with its ability to simplify the blending of data with an array of tools that easily analyse, visualize, explore, report and predict which makes it easy to transform data into value.

Topics covered in the video:

  • Introduction to Pentaho
  • Pentaho & Big Data
  • Why Pentaho for BI?
  • Use Cases of Pentaho
  • Components of Pentaho
  • Companies using Pentaho

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