4 Aug 2014

Introduction to JAVA/J2EE & SOA

IST 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM, 9th October, 2014  

PDT 6:30 AM – 7:30 AM, 9th October, 2014

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Hi all, we are conducting a Free Webinar on JAVA/J2EE & SOA. The title of the webinar is ‘Introduction to JAVA/J2EE & SOA’. All the important topics would be discussed in detail. If you have any queries, they can be clarified during the session.

Topics to be Covered :

  • Introduction to JAVA
  • Technologies of JAVA
  • Use-cases of SOA
  • SOA Framework & Architecture
  • What is SOAP?


With the rise of Object-Oriented Programming, professionals across the world are looking for a language that is easy to learn, has a rich API & can be used everywhere. JAVA’s unique collection of open-source libraries and vibrant community support has made it a sought-after platform to learn. SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) has become an integral part of organizations at a time when they are looking forward to use existing applications and increase their interoperability in technology.

Need for Java/J2EE & SOA

The importance of Java/J2EE & SOA has increased over the last decade with the language being used in big and small organizations. Often termed as an Object-Oriented Programming language, Java is one of the must-know platforms for programmers. It is also a fact that a lot of Hadoop developers primarily use Java at a time when organizations are looking at Hadoop to provide Big Data solutions! SOA has gained significance, given its feature of integrating different services across platforms and making it easier for systems to connect over a network and cooperate on activities.

Once you register, you will get a confirmation email with details regarding the schedule and the process to join the webinar.

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  • Souvik Kundu says:

    The webinar timing is colliding with my 7am-10am Aug 9th Edureka class :(

    • EdurekaSupport says:

      Hi Souvik, you can ahead and register for the webinar. Since you wont be able to make it, we will send you the webinar recording and presentation.

      • Souvik Kundu says:

        Thank you very much @EdurekaSupport:disqus

      • Souvik Kundu says:

        Thank you

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