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17 May 2017

Hadoop Architecture – Hadoop Tutorial on HDFS Architecture

This Hadoop Architecture Tutorial will help you understand the architecture of Apache Hadoop in detail. Below are the topics covered in this Hadoop Architecture Tutorial:  You can get a better understanding with the Azure Data Engineer Course.

1) Hadoop Components
2) DFS – Distributed File System
3) HDFS Services
4) Blocks in Hadoop
5) Block Replication
6) Rack Awareness
7) HDFS Architecture
8) HDFS Read/Write Mechanisms
9) Hadoop HDFS Commands

You can get a better understanding with the Azure Data Engineering Certification in Pune.

Explore more about HDFS Architecture and concepts. Check out this Online Big Data training course, which was created by Top Industrial working Experts.

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  • Ritendra Dhakciya says:

    As there are 10 machine we are using won’t be it costly

  • Ritendra Dhakciya says:

    Please brief about Commodity Machine

  • Ritendra Dhakciya says:

    what is core switch?

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