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12 Dec 2014

When not to use Hadoop

Introduction to Hadoop

Hadoop is an open source software framework that supports data-intensive distributed applications. It is licensed under the Apache v2 license, and generally known as Apache Hadoop. Hadoop has been developed based on a paper originally written by Google on MapReduce system and applies concepts of functional programming; It is written in Java programming language and is the highest-level Apache project being constructed and used by a global community of contributors.

Use of Hadoop

Big giants like Yahoo and Facebook are using Hadoop as an integral part of their functioning – in 2008, Yahoo! Inc. established the world’s largest Hadoop production application. Also, the Yahoo! Search Webmap is a Hadoop application that runs on over 10,000 core Linux clusters, generating data that is now widely used in every Yahoo! Web search query. On the other hand, Facebook uses Apache Hadoop to keep track of its billions of user profiles as well as all the data related to them like their images, posts, comments, videos, etc.

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