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11 Oct 2014

Introduction to MongoDB

The above video is the recorded session of the webinar on the topic “Introduction to MongoDB”, conducted on 10th October’14.


Organizations worldwide are shifting to NoSQL databases at a time when they are looking for scalable and superior performance data models when compared to relational database models. MongoDB® , a cross platform document oriented database is the most popular NoSQL database system. A platform that is increasingly being adopted by major organizations such as Ebay, Viacom & Foursquare, MongoDB®  offers a range of advantages in terms of database management.

The above video on MongoDB® includes the following topics:

  • Introduction to MongoDB®
  • Why there is a need for NOSQL databases?
  • Benefits of NOSQL over RDBMS dbs
  • Comparing NOSQL vs SQL dbs
  • How MongoDB®  solves the problem
  • Use cases of MongoDB®
  • Job Opportunity & Trends on MongoDB®

Watch a Presentation on this Topic:

Why MongoDB® ?

  • A Well established industry validated product that is similar to many RDBMS systems
  • Increasing adoption among organizations worldwide for data management needs.
  • Enhance your capabilities to build new types of application in cloud, mobile & social technologies
  • Touted as the most popular non-relational database with high demand in business.

In case of any queries feel free to mention them in the Comments section and we will clarify your doubts.

  • kharthigeyan ps says:

    is there something that we should know before attending the webinar?

    • EdurekaSupport says:

      Hi Kharthigeyan, You can check out the webinar recording and presentation in this blog post.


    reserve my seat button is not working.How can I reserve a seat

  • Subhajit says:

    The Reserve My Seat button is not working

  • Guest says:

    The Register button is not working.

  • sangeetha says:

    how much amount do we need to pay for registration?

    • EdurekaSupport says:

      Hi Sangeetha, this webinar is absolutely free! All you have to do is register, by clicking on the ‘Reserve My Seat’ button.

      • tamilan says:

        ‘Reserve My Seat’ button is fake…
        you are cheating…

      • Aditya jain says:

        its not working the button

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