4 Dec 2014

DevOps-Redefining your IT Strategy

What is DevOps?

DevOps, coming from the combination of the words ‘development’ and ‘operations’ is simply the integration of software development and IT operations in a company. It is a unique method of software development that involves a collaborative effort between those two integral teams to achieve agility in testing as well as responsiveness in the organization.

According to latest statistics, DevOps is set to be the Future of IT, with companies having implemented DevOps witnessing a record 63% experience improvement in quality of their software deployments, 60% rise in frequency of new software releases and 38% higher quality of code production as compared to their counterparts that are still following traditional development and operations divisions.

Using DevOps to Build Strategy

DevOps denotes a cross-pollination of sorts between the development roles, operations roles and QA roles. As it is necessary for the software to release at an ever-increasing rate, the old “waterfall” develop-test-release cycle is broken. Developers must also take the responsibility for the quality of the testing and release environments. Thus, companies can greatly benefit by including implementation of DevOps in their overall business strategies to introduce synergy between their development teams and operations teams, leading to efficient and effective management of their business operations.

Are you interested in advancing your career in DevOps? Consider obtaining a DevOps Course to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in this field.

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