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11 Jun 2015

Automate Web Apps Testing With Selenium Webdriver

Understanding Selenium Webdriver

Selenium is an open source tool and covers all the scenarios what licensed tool like QTP, IBM RFT or other available tools in market can do. Performance, execution speed and browser interaction of Selenium is too fast than any other automation tool. Unattended execution can be achieved using Selenium Framework. Selenium supports different operating systems along with support for different programming languages and browsers, these features makes the Selenium ahead of any other Automation tool. This video explains how Selenium Webdriver is used to Automate Testing of Web Applications.

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Selenium is used for automating Web Applications. It is widely used across all the industries because of its wide range of flexibility with programming languages,
operating systems and support for most of the browsers. You can automate almost any web application using Selenium. So what you can do with Selenium only depends
on your imagination.
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