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18 Jul 2015

A Work Day Of A Web Developer

Understanding HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript

For converting your website design into actually working mode you need to be a web developer with HTML, CSS, JavaScript skills etc.

As a web developer, first thing in the morning you do is a meeting with your team and your project manager and discuss about bugs and new requirements. You get the web designs from the web designer by 12 PM. After that a web developer starts working on the web page using HTML and little bit of CSS if needed and also JavaScript. He/She adds the features in the requirements and then quickly tests them in the browser. And finally he/she integrates everything with the back end to put everything on live. Sometimes when the things does not work as you expected you need to take help of debugger to solve the issue. In Frontend development, HTML is used for defining components on web page, use CSS to make it look good and JavaScript for the interactivity of the Web Page.

A Work Day of Web Developer | Webinar-1 | Edureka

Web Development video enables the front end or UI Developers to master the HTML5, CSS-3 and JavaScript concepts.
The learning path for being a Web Developer would be : HTML –> CSS –> Javascript –> AngularJS Framework,  then you may learn Node.js also if you wish to be a full stack developer with knowledge of both frontend and backend  development.
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