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Understanding MongoDB Architecture

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MongoDB Architecture

MongoDB is a NoSQL database, which enables building and running applications using modern development techniques. Let us understand how MongoDB architecture works.

MongoDB Logo - MongoDB Architecture - EdurekaThere maybe data stored online as well as offline. The online data can be managed with MongoDB or RDBMS. For offline data, there is Hadoop or Enterprise Data Warehouse (EWD). You may have some applications like analytical tools, BI apps, mobile apps and CRM etc. Then there is data management activities with applications and infrastructure which consists of OS & virtualization, storage and network.

MongoDB Subscription

This subscription, which is on a yearly basis, is of two types – Free software foundation is evidently free of charge and the other is commercial which has MongoDB Enterprise. Premium comes at a cost of $5,000 and enterprise is $7,500.

MongoDB Enterprise is the commercial edition of MongoDB that provides enterprise-grade capabilities. It includes advanced security features, management tools, soft integration and certifications. These value-added capabilities are not included in the open-source edition of MongoDB.

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Understanding MongoDB Architecture