Published on Aug 25,2014
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Types of Database Categories:

RDBMS/OLTP/Real Time – It is only used for Online Transactional Processing, processing system or real-time systems. Its vendors include Oracle, My SQL, Ms SQL

OLAP/DSS/DW – Popular vendors using this database are Netezza, and Oracle Express.

NoSQL/NewSQL/Big Data –  which includes vendors like MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase

Here, OLTP Databases are used in scenarios, where applications, such as online sales, ATM transactions, retail transactions and others which feed to the Database (RDBMS, OLTP, Real time) are into picture.

Why do we need OLAP?

If a database gets fed with many applications and any analytical activity takes place, it will slow down the performance of applications, and this is when OLAP comes into picture.

Here, we fetch data from OLTP database (Oracle, SQL server, MySQL, db2) to OLAP databases through ETL (Extraction Transformation and Load).

The same activity can be done with another database. Here, we can put reporting tools, like SAS, SPSS to perform analytics.

Why NoSQL?

Previously, when we had huge and varied data, the datawarehouse systems were not capable to manage such data. So, the third category has come into picture, known as ‘NoSQL’ database. The NoSQL is an extension of OLAP database. Here, whatever data is there in a datawarehouse or OLTP, it can be pushed to NoSQL and the applications can be attached directly to NoSQL database.

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Published on Aug 25,2014

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