Top Technical Skills to Secure Jobs of the Future

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Mir Juned
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Unlike most domains, Information Technology is dynamic and changes rapidly in short periods of time. If you are a technology professional, it is very important to re-skill yourself to survive in this highly competitive IT industry. For instance, let’s look at the curious case of a Java developer. A decade ago, Java professionals were a necessity in almost every organization. But, today professionals whose technical skills only constitute Java will have a hard time landing the jobs of the future.

In a similar manner, the technologies of today may not be relevant five years from now. Because of this, it is important for tech professionals to know and understand which technologies are pertinent and will remain that way to ensure that their skills don’t go obsolete. To help you understand this and get started with the jobs of the future, we have created a Technical Skills Report which analyzes the responses of around 17,000 learners in our database. This report will answer the following major questions:

  1. Will the trending technologies of today still be relevant in the future?
  2. Which technical skills should professionals up-skill with?
  3. Will up-skilling result in a substantial increase in payout?
  4. What technologies will feature in the skill landscape of the future?

Find out the answers to all these questions and more by checking out the Edureka Skill Report:

Jobs of the Future – Technical Skills Report Overview

You might have already seen signs of the change in technology trends looking at industry demands and job postings. But, to have a concrete understanding of which skills you should consider for a future-proofed career, let’s look at a few highlights of the Edureka Technical Skills Report.

Top Technical Skills Jobs of the Future | Edureka Blog

New-Age Technologies Taking the IT industry by Storm

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that is changing the face of the IT industry and will continue to do so for years to come. Although AI is generally preferred by senior-level professionals, the Edureka report suggests that almost 12% of individuals up-skilling with AI are entry-level professionals.

Internet of Things is another new and trending technology. Edureka’s IoT course was launched in late March and yet, we observed an overall 200% increase in demand, since then.

These are just two of the new-age technologies that will keep you relevant for the jobs of the future. Get the full report here to find out which are the other technologies that will make you future-ready.

Mature Technologies Still Influencing the Jobs of the Future

An interesting technology that is still dominating the industry is Data Science. Interestingly, the Edureka skill report highlights that almost 60% of professionals up-skilling with Data Science come from non-metro cities.

Today, a single big data framework will not take you anywhere, but up-skilling with multiple frameworks can get you into a great role. Big data is an evergreen technology and we found that almost 25% of professionals skilling with big data frameworks are freshers or entry-level professionals.

These are just a couple of conventional technologies that are still influencing the IT industry and will continue to do so for years to come. Check out the complete list in our full report here.

It is obvious that the IT industry trends are changing and will continue to do so. Edureka’s Technical Skills Report is meant to act as a guide or a roadmap for professionals who want to survive in the evolving IT industry and get into jobs of the future.

This was just an overview of the insights from the report. The full report contains even more interesting data you can learn from. You can do this by downloading the complete report here.


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