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Top Reasons To Master Unix Shell Scripting In 2016

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The time of Shell Scripting languages is here. Ranked No. 14 among the 25 skills that can get you hired in 2016 by LinkedIn, Unix and Shell Programming, are among the top skills that employers are seeking in their prospective employees this year. According to, 45% of all the Unix hiring in the United States for 2015 was for shell scripting! There is an upsurge of demand for Unix Shell Scripting professionals. In this blog post, let’s discuss the top reasons to master Unix Shell Scripting.

Why should you learn Unix Shell Scripting in 2016?

Reason #1: The Robust Scope of Shell Scripting

The top reason for the popularity of Unix Shell Scripting is its robust scope. It is a powerful programming method that can help you learn the command-line better, save time, and do away with tedious file management tasks.

Developing connectors across disparate systems which cannot be optimally connected via primitive interfaces is also enabled by shell scripting. Shell scripting is at the heart of making OS work! With a rising requirement for speedy processing of huge amounts of data generated by applications, Unix is used more than ever to significantly reduce the turnaround time for the job.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that a survey by ZDnet in 2015 revealed that Unix has grown faster than any other server OS over the past few years.

Reason #2: Promising Career Progression

While the demand continues to grow for Unix shell scripting talent, there remains a shortage of experienced professionals in the market. There are unlimited career advancement opportunities for developers and systems administrators who are skilled in Unix Shell Scripting. A quick search on LinkedIn reveals that there are 214,380 LinkedIn members who have this skill and there’s no sign of a slow down in demand.

A few job roles that you can bag with Unix skills are:

  • Systems Engineer- Unix/ Linux
  • Software Engineer

  • Unix/Linux Engineer Job

  • System Administrator

IBM, eBay, CISCO, Aol, Intel & Saleforce are a few of the companies seeking IT employees with training in Unix Shell Scripting. The demand trend of job ads in UK citing Shell Script as a proportion of all IT jobs with a match in the Programming Languages category is shared below.



Unix skills can also help IT professionals diversify into top-paying fields such as ETL Development/Testing, Big Data & Hadoop Development/Testing, Java Development/Testing, Unix SQL Production Support, and many other areas. However, choose some additional option with shell scripting, like Unix Systems Administration to get the best job opportunities.

Reason #3: Salary Growth

According to, a professional with Unix Shell Scripting skill can expect an average pay of $97,000 in the United States. Also, average Unix Shell Scripting salaries for job postings nationwide are 68% higher than average salaries for all job postings nationwide. Here’s a snapshot of the average pay scale according to job roles.



India shows a healthy trend too with quoting the average salary of a Unix shell scripting professional in 2016 as Rs. 6 lakhs per annum. This depicts a growth of 24% over the salary average for the year 2015.  The median salary for Unix Shell Scripting professionals is £50,000 in the UK , with a percent change year-on-year standing at +5.88% according to

With a thriving job market and motivating salary figures as well as career graphs, this is the right time to obtain training in Unix shell scripting!

Edureka has a highly advanced Unix shell scripting training course that will help you understand and identify different Unix Operating Systems, architecture and its different layers, write, execute and debug Shell Scripts and understand advanced concepts to use in various technologies. Check it out here.

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Top Reasons To Master Unix Shell Scripting In 2016