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Top 10 Reasons to Get ITIL® 4 Certified

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The IT industry is ever-advancing and it is also one of the most revenue-generating industries across the globe. As a result, skilled IT professionals are always in demand, and getting an ITIL 4 Certification just adds on to the candidate’s value. So if you wish to know what makes ITIL® 4 certified professionals stand out amongst the rest, then you have landed at the right place. In this article, I’ll be talking about the Top 10 Reasons to Get ITIL® 4 certified.

Before moving on, let’s take a look at the topics of our discussion:

What is ITIL® 4?

ITIL® 4 is the latest version of the ITIL® Certification. It was launched back in February 2019 and is the only major update to the ITIL® Framework ever since its launch in 2007. Organizations require guidance in order to address new service management challenges. This guidance is provided by ITIL® 4. It helps in utilizing the potential of modern technology which can work efficiently in an era of Cloud, Agile, DevOps, and transformation. The core components of this framework are the ITIL® Service Value System (SVS) and the four dimensions model. The main elements of the ITIL® SVS are:

  1. Service Value Chain (SVC)
  2. ITIL® Practices
  3. ITIL® Guiding Principles
  4. Governance
  5. Continual Improvement

You can even check out the details of PRINCE2 with the PRINCE2 Certification.

Top 10 Reasons to Get ITIL 4 Certified

There are a number of benefits of ITIL® certification that are profitable, both for an organization as well as its employee. Following are the top 10 Reasons to Get ITIL® 4 Certified:

1. Global Recognition and Opportunities

Global Opportunities-Top 10 Reasons to Get ITIL 4 Certified-Edureka

One of the greatest benefits of getting ITIL®  certified is that it is recognized all over the world and it sets a benchmark for your capabilities. Most of the global service providing leaders to specify ITIL® as a prerequisite for service management professionals. As an ITIL® certified professional, you can work in any organization regardless of its size across various sectors such as education, private, public, etc.

2. Enhanced Skillset

Enhanced Skillset-Top 10 Reasons to Get ITIL 4 Certified-EdurekaThe ITIL® certification boosts your skills and allows you to complete your tasks quickly in a cost-efficient manner. You will be able to cope up with the future challenges and will be a great asset to the organization. Also, ITIL® 4 certified professionals will be able to adapt easily to any changes or developments in the IT industry.

3. Increased Salaries

Salary-ITIL 4-EdurekaOne of the most compelling benefits of getting ITIL® certified is the salary drawn by ITIL® certified professionals. Having a good salary is not just a necessity, but it also motivates employees towards performing better thereby serving the organization in the best possible manner. According to PayScale, on an average, ITIL® certified professionals earn about 74,000 dollars in the US and 9,96,199 lakhs per anum in India.

4. Growth and Promotions

Growth and Promotions-Top 10 Reasons to Get ITIL 4 Certified-EdurekaAnother great benefit of ITIL® certification is the growth of the individual. As an ITIL® certified professional, you will be seen as a source of great value. Employers are bound to trust ITIL® certified professionals when it comes to handling challenging roles. Therefore, these professionals have greater chances of getting promoted to higher levels as compared to their counterparts.

5. Better ROI (Return On Investment)

Better ROI-ITIL 4-EdurekaITIL® certified professionals help organizations to establish robust processes through service strategies, design, improvements, etc. This helps the IT operations to run smoothly thereby maximizing the value and decreasing the service costs. From the employer’s perspective, something with ITIL® training and skills can provide value right away and bring efficiency to the IT processes.

6. Enhanced Customer Relationships

Enhanced Customer relationship-Top 10 Reasons to Get ITIL 4 Certified-EdurekaThe ITIL® practices are framed in such a way that they help the organization to focus on and understand its customers. ITIL® trained professionals can figure out the needs of their customers through ITIL’s guiding principles, improvement model, service value chain approach, etc. Therefore, the customers are provided with the required service within the stipulated time and without any interruptions. This not just enhances the customer’s experience, but also helps in building a healthy relationship with the target population. Also, the organization can grow many folds, as it will have lesser customer issues to solve and more time.

7. Flexibility

Flexibility-ITIL 4-EdurekaThe ITIL® framework is structured in such a way that it gives you insights into the complete working of the internal IT infrastructure. The service design life cycle trains the candidates in such a manner that he/she will be able to understand the design of the various IT processes, services, etc. Therefore, you will have good knowledge of all possible streams of the IT industry and you will be qualified to fit in any kind of role. Being more flexible, you will have more chances of being employed when compared to your peers.

8. Ability to Communicate

Ability to Communicate-Top 10 Reasons to Get ITIL 4 Certified-EdurekaAnother major benefit of ITIL® certification is that ITIL® certified professionals have an amazing ability to communicate well with ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) professionals. This is because ITIL and ITSM professionals have a common language within the IT industry. This way, ITIL® certified professionals will be able to create a healthy relationship with other IT professionals thereby resulting in the overall growth of the organization.


9. Future Prepared 

Future Prepared-ITIL 4-EdurekaThe ITIL® framework has been enrooted into the IT industry for quite a long time now. This means that the essence of the ITIL® framework will remain in the industry in the upcoming future as well. Also, AXELOS keeps updating the framework every now and then to keep up with the trending technologies. This benefit of getting ITIL® certified makes ITIL® certified professionals future prepared. You can jump into any job role without having to worry about your previous experience.

10. Incorporates the Best Practices of IT Industry

Best Practices-Top 10 Reasons to Get ITIL 4 Certified-EdurekaOne of the Top 10 benefits of getting ITIL® certified is that an ITIL® certified professional will learn the best practices of the IT industry. Regardless of the stream, ITIL® certified professionals will be able to perform in the best possible manner within a lesser span of time. This is because when you are enrolled in ITIL® certification training, you will be learning and practicing the best practices of the IT industry.

Apart from the Top 10 Reasons to Get ITIL® 4 Certified, there are several other benefits of getting ITIL® certified such as the knowledge of various tools, standing out among the rest, etc. So if these Top 10 Reasons to Get ITIL 4 certified have caught your interest, make sure to check out Edureka’s online training program for ITIL® Foundation Certification TrainingWe provide structured training where you will be guided by ITIL® Certified Trainers, who have years of experience in training.

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This brings to an end of this article on “Top 10 Reasons to Get ITIL 4 Certified”.

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Top 10 Reasons to Get ITIL® 4 Certified