Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn in 2021

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There’s no question that programming is a hot career right now and shall be for years to come. In fact, Labour Statistics have predicted a  21% growth for programming jobs in the coming decade, which is more than 4x the average for all occupations. But trying to start out with programming can be a daunting escapade, especially for professionals with no prior experience. So if you’re one who cannot decide where to begin, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. The following article aims to give you a quick look at the Top 10 Programming Languages for 2021.

So this new year, let’s resolve to upskill ourselves with one of these programming languages:

Top 10 Programming Languages for 2021

If you are a visual learner, you could refer to our video presentation of the Top 10 Programming Languages for 2021, too!

Top 10 Programming Languages For 2021 | Edureka

This Edureka video on “Top 10 Programming Languages for 2021” will introduce you to the most trending programming languages in the IT domain which will help your career to flourish in 2021. It will also talk about the top-notch companies working with these programming languages and the salaries offered by them.
So, let’s begin.


PHP is used by 79% of all the websites whose server-side programming language we know. It is mainly used for developing dynamic and data-heavy websites and applications. It has been the cornerstone of the web for a long time. PHP is a simple, fast and platform-independent general-purpose programming language with over 631,000 repositories on GitHub.php - top 10 programming languages for 2021 - edureka

Popular Frameworks: CakePHP, Larawell, Symfony, Phalcon

Salary: $102,000 in USA & ₹8,50,000 in India

Companies Hiring: Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia


R was designed by statisticians and was specialized for statistical computing, and thus is known as the “lingua franca of statistics”. As technology improves, the data companies or research institutions collect has become more and more complex, and R has been adopted by many as the language of choice to analyze data. This language is not only open source but also comes with cross-platform compatibility and a community with over 6 Million Repositories on GitHub.r - top 10 programming languages for 2021 - edureka

Popular IDEs: R Studio

Salary: $121,000 in USA & ₹6,70,000 in India

Companies Hiring: Mu Sigma, Google, Twitter


Developed by Google, Dart is an easy to learn, iterative, open-source programming language meant for server-side as well as browser-side programming. While most frameworks share a portion of codebase on different platforms, Dart allows you to write a single application for both Android and iOS and allows code sharing between mobile applications on different platforms.dart - edureka


Popular Frameworks: Flutter

Salary: $154,000 in USA & ₹13,00,000 in India

Companies Hiring: HP, Motorola, AirB&B, Google, Apple


Go Programming Language is a fast, statically typed, compiled programming language that feels like it’s a dynamically typed, interpreted language. It is backed up by a budding community with around  276,000 repositories on GitHub. The language’s core concerns include correctness, communication & coding standards to be adhered to, all of which modern applications rely upon

go - top 10 programming languages for 2021 - edureka



Popular Frameworks: Revel, Beego

Salary: $170,000 in USA & ₹15,30,000 in India

Companies Hiring: Walmart, Springboard, Siemens, Dell


C# is easy to learn, modern language that supports the latest features for developing scalable, reliable, and robust industry-standard software applications. This language makes the compilation and execution of programs lightning fast. With over 670,000 GitHub repositories, it is a popular language, especially in the field of game development with Xbox, Virtual Reality games, Unity3D game engine and many more.c-sharp - top 10 programming languages for 2021 - edureka


Popular Frameworks: .NET, Xamarin

Salary: $78,000 in USA & ₹10,00,000 in India

Companies Hiring: Capgemini, SAP Labs, Philips


Structured Query Language, or SQL, is a special-purpose programming language used to interact with databases. It works by analyzing and understanding databases consisting of fields of data within tables. Many fortune 500 companies have built their own high-performance database systems, using SQL to query data and perform analysis. With over 260,000 repositories on Github, it eclipses the popularity of a lot of the newer languages when it comes to the Data Analytics field.sql - edureka


Popular Frameworks: SQL

Salary: $97,000 in USA & ₹10,00,000 in India

Companies Hiring: Uber, Netflix, AirB&B, Google, Amazon


C or C++ act as stepping stones for a budding programmer. Both of the programming languages are quite popular and highly functional, irrespective of the great number of quality alternatives in the modern market These languages still rule about 20% of the programming world with a legacy bigger than any other programming language that has been around as long.c++ - edureka


Popular Libraries: MFC, .Net, Qt, KDE, GNOME

Salary: $114,000 in USA & ₹10,00,000 in India

Companies Hiring: eBay, Spotify, Huawei, PhonePe, IBM


In modern times, Java is one of the most popular programming languages as it can be used to design customized applications that are light and fast and serve a variety of purposes. It is open-sourced and relatively easy to learn. Java boasts strong memory management, high performance, backward compatibility and top-notch security along with a huge active community with more than 1.6 Million repositories on - top 10 programming languages for 2021 - edureka


Popular Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate, Strut

Salary: $123,000 in USA & ₹11,00,000 in India

Companies Hiring: Barclays, HCL, Capital One


The most obvious reason for learning JavaScript is if you hope to become a web developer. Being proficient in JavaScript will enable you to build websites from scratch—a pretty useful skill to have in today’s job market! Hence, it has a robust community featuring more than 822,000 repositories on Github.javascript - edureka


Popular Frameworks: Node.js, Angular, React.js, Vue, Meteor

Salary: $117,000 in USA & ₹16,00,000 in India

Companies Hiring: Google, Facebook, SAP, Dell, Accenture


Python is a high-level, general-purpose and a very versatile programming language used in web development, Machine Learning, Data Science, along with other cutting edge technologies. It is well suited not just for beginners, but also for experienced programmers. It has over 1.6 Million GitHub repositories and is the basis of applications like the Google App Engine, Ubuntu’s Ubiquity Installer and Fedora’s Anaconda Installer.python - top 10 programming languages for 2021 - edureka

Popular Frameworks: Django, Flask, Pyramid

Salary: $120,000 in USA & ₹11,50,000 in India

Companies Hiring: Cisco, IBM, Mozilla, Google, Quora, HP, Dropbox, Qualcomm

And that concludes my list of the Top 10 Programming Languages for 2021. Hope this article proved useful to you. Do stay tuned for the upcoming articles in the series! You can also learn more about the Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the IT landscape or the Top 10 IT Certifications to get clarity on the career you want to pursue.

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