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What Are The Top 10 Myths Regarding Cloud Computing?

Last updated on May 25,2023 3.4K Views

Vishal is a technology enthusiast working as a Research Analyst at Edureka.... Vishal is a technology enthusiast working as a Research Analyst at Edureka. He has expertise in domains like Big data, Machine Learning,Statistical Analysis and...

Cloud Computing has been the talk of the town for a while. Hence there are bound to be people that have praises for it and others who have complaints. Along with the positives and negatives also come opinions which soon take a form of myths and cloud has many surrounding it. In this article I would be discussing top 10 myths regarding cloud computing. These are the myths we would be focusing on:

  1. Cloud Is One Size Fits All
  2. Virtualization And Cloud Are Same
  3. Cloud Will Lock You In
  4. Cloud Costs Jobs
  5. You Need More Than One Cloud
  6. Cloud Is For The Tech Companies
  7. Cloud Harms Environment
  8. Everything Works Better In The Cloud
  9. Cloud Isn’t Secure
  10. It Is Always Cheaper To Run In The Cloud

So let us get started with this top 10 myths regarding cloud computing:

Cloud Is ‘One Size Fits All’

Many people believe that Cloud Computing is a kind of template solution that meets needs of everyone equally. Cloud does cater needs of different businesses but every business has different requirements and thus the solution for every problem also varies. With Cloud Computing providing solutions like:
  • Different deployment models
  • Service models
  • Operating models for a cloud solution

One Size Fits All - Top 10 Myths About Cloud Computing - Edureka

That means if you need a Cloud solution you will get one but one solution need not fit other problems.

Virtualization And Cloud Are Same

Yes, virtualization is a key technology that enables cloud computing, but virtualization is not the only feature that does justice to Cloud. Virtualization is important for server and workload consolidation, something that helps you optimize infrastructure costs. Cloud is definitely lot more than that. Besides virtualization is more IaaS centric whereas cloud touches up on IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. Hence considering these two approaches as same wont be the best of things. To know more about Cloud Computing, Join  our Google Cloud Training program today.

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Cloud Would Lock You In

Cloud Vendors would definitely want to lock you in. But one must not forget the fact that Cloud offers you various customization. Whether it is about:
  • Deployment
  • Integration
  • Industry Standards

Cloud Will Lock You In - Top 10 Myths About Cloud Computing - Edureka

All these verticals are handled fairly smooth by cloud vendors with a lot of options to choose from. So better planning would definitely ensure you don’t get locked in.

Cloud Costs Jobs: Top 10 Myths Regarding Cloud Computing

The growth in technology has mostly resulted in people believing that the technology will take away human jobs. And more than often people have realized that it works the other way round. It is no different with cloud computing. People believe Cloud Computing will cost jobs, in fact, it will create more jobs.
Cloud Costs Jobs - Top 10 Myths About Cloud Computing - Edureka
The image below should give you a better picture:
Cloud Jobs - Top 10 Myths regarding Cloud Architect Roles in India - Edureka
The image above makes it very clear that Cloud Computing will create a lot more jobs than the ones it may possibly take.

You Need More Than One Cloud: Top 10 Myths Regarding Cloud Computing

The business that wish to, or are already harnessing Cloud Vendor services may have varying business needs and preferences. Also the vendors the companies rely on are something companies don’t want to let go off. This scenario might force certain companies to choose a different vendor altogether for different sections of their business.

The above claim though true, does not mean it is mandatory to opt for more than one cloud vendors parallely. Vendors these days provide a wide array of services to meet most of you needs under one roof.

Cloud Is For The Tech Companies

Cloud is pre-dominantly used by Tech companies, this claim is understandable because Tech companies do prefer Cloud platforms to host their data and applications. However to claim that it can’t be used by or it is not meant for non tech companies is like shooting arrows at sky. Cloud offers hundred plus services and these services cater needs of different markets. So companies that have data and need someone to manage it, Cloud is open for all such companies

Cloud Is Only For tech Companies - Top 10 Myths About Cloud Computing - Edureka

Cloud Harms Environment

People claim that Cloud data centers consume a lot of power and also harm the environment in the process. Yes, data centers do consume huge amounts of energy. But looking at it from a broader perspective, you will realize that businesses move from on-site facilities to a more compact cloud data center, thus it saves energy and cuts pollution on the longer run.

Everything Works Better In The Cloud

The plethora of services out there ensure Cloud helps you meet most of your requirements. However nothing is full proof. There are many application that where designed keeping in mind traditional methods of computing. So migrating these applications to Cloud  may not mean that these applications will work on Cloud as compatibly as they did in your previous environment. Also what about the businesses that follow traditional approach and are doing well. For them migration may not be that smooth.
Everything Works On Cloud - Top 10 Myths About Cloud Computing - Edureka
So blindly believing Cloud will always solve all your computing problems may not be true

Cloud Isn’t Secure

Cloud security has always been a topic of debate. There are a lot of reasons people fear data on Cloud may not be safe. Two of those are:

  • Fear of sharing same data center space

  • Fear of data loss due to outage

Cloud Isn't Secure - Top 10 Myths About Cloud Computing - Edureka

However Cloud ensures that all these fears are taken care of. Clouds these days provision shared security models where both, the vendors and customers have a say in the security compliance. Also introduction of private cloud means you may not always have to share your cloud space.

It Is Always Cheaper To Run In The Cloud

People also believe that Cloud is always cheaper. When used sensibly Cloud Computing will let you reap benefits at an affordable price. However it may not be the case always. Pay As You Go Model is fairly affordable for smaller and short term applications. On the longer run it may not be true for application that require a lot of resources.

Cloud Is Always Affordable - Top 10 Myths About Cloud Computing - Edureka

That is why it is very important to have architects help you optimize the cost for your infrastructure before you move to Cloud.

So this is it guys, these are the top 10 myths regarding cloud computing according to me. I hope you found this article informative. In case if you wish to take up your learning experience to a new level then you may want to try out Edureka’s Cloud Computing Course that would certainly help you achieve ascendance and success in Cloud Domain.

In case of queries, please put those in the comment section below and we would revert to you as soon as possible or join our GCP Training in UK today. 

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What Are The Top 10 Myths Regarding Cloud Computing?