Published on Jul 25,2015
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His LinkedIn profile speaks volumes of his achievements.

London-based Francisco Marco-Serrano, who has been teaching Social Media ROI to diverse audience for over 5 years now, is  an economist with more than 15 years of experience.

His stint as an economist has taken him to the UK, Brazil and Spain, where he worked in various roles as a business controller, general manager, managing director, consultant, lecturer and researcher. He’s also written several articles on Social Media ROI.

He has been researching on productivity and efficiency for a decade and he is in the process of completing his PhD thesis on the economic efficiency and productivity of cultural and creative industries.

Francisco is also the Director of Matter of Biz which deals with Business Research and analysis. His interest in managing people and applying his research to gather insights has enabled him to contribute ideas to organizations in need of a digital strategy. When he is not busy as a director or when he is free from his teaching, he enjoys socio-economic research and writing about social media ROI for


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