Published on Sep 01,2017
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If you think Social Media Marketing is no rocket science, then you’re absolutely WRONG! Social Media today has evolved and each day learning gets better in this field. It’s not as easy as it looks since expecting a good ROI and a strong fan following list requires a huge amount of ground work.

For this, you have to shake the social media Ninja out of you to get your hands dirty. Here are ten reasons why you need to be a Social Media Ninja:

1. Beyond Facebook & Twitter – The Ninja thinks beyond channel specifics. Throw any social media channel at a Ninja and you will get the drivers of the channel, a road map, a content calendar, the strategy and finally the tactics.

2. What you learn today is irrelevant tomorrow – The Ninja does not get stuck on “the how to” but on “the why” of it. The Ninja is trained to adapt to the changing user interface, the changing landscape, the fragile channel objectives & even predict the future course of a channel layout.

3. It’s all about the base, no trouble! – The Ninja has a strong base framework to be on top of game eternally and not be caught off guard by the changing dynamics of channel objectives. Always with a ready solution, the approach of a Ninja will be comprehended by others only after execution.

4. Kindle the Buzz – The Ninja acquires the skill of buzz worthy content specific to a channel. Being agile in content strategy and channel variations, Ninja consummates the art of kindling the buzz on anything and everything.

5. An open canvas, still needs a brush – The Ninja knows where to start, how to proceed, take corrective actions and where to stop. Portraying a pure play of escalation of results, a ninja will settle only when the required results autoplay.

6. Be where the money is – The Ninja is on the top of the pyramid handling the big budgets and making a big buck out of it. Smooth in packaging & a magnet for upsells, the Ninja knows the pitch that opens the money tap and becomes a precog for where, when and how to spend, a marketer goldmine.

7. Boss or the Hitman? – The Ninja is known to control all the hitmen for the job and always plays the Boss. The rules are set, the game plan is framed and the path is laid out. The Ninja then enters the platinum state of “monitoring”.

8. Game of Bones – The Ninja understands that bagging an audience is the fuel to success with a limited supply of bones. Timing is the key to sustain and to stay coherent than a quick surge that fizzles out. Mastering resource usability always keeps the Ninja ahead of competitors.

9. Breaking awesome – There is one rule of compliance. Breaking the awesome barrier every single time. No states of par or below par exists. Every move is a new experience fed by the feedback loop. The Ninja is a stickler for this compliance.

10. Viral infection – And the one disease that Ninja will definitely infect you with is keeping ears open for evolving trends. The currency is organic and throwing social media marketing into a game of chess, the Ninja will tell you the tenth move in the game.

You can become a social media Ninja today! So go ahead, learn the science and perfect the art!

You will kick some serious dust.

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Al-Ameen Sherfuddeen
Published on Sep 01,2017
With over 10 years of Marketing experience, Al Ameen Sherfuddeen is the Senior Account Manager at APAC and has presented in over 50 conferences and has close to 3000 hours of training.

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