Tech Mahindra Interview Questions and Answers for 2024

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Tech Mahindra is among the Hundred Most Sustainable Corporations in the World as reported by Corporate Knights. A total of 125,236 employees are working across 90 countries for Tech Mahindra. According to existing employees Tech Mahindra has a wonderful work-life balance along with number of employee benefits from health, transport, onsite opportunities to much more. Now why wait? Let’s get right ahead and see Tech Mahindra Interview Questions.


About Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is an Indian multinational technology company specializing in information technology (IT) and business process outsourcing (BPO). The company is a subsidiary of the Mahindra Group, with headquarters in Pune and a registered office in Mumbai. Part of the Mahindra Group, the company is headquartered in Pune and has it Tech Mahindra is a US$5.2 billion company with 125,236 employees across 90 countries.
In order for Tech Mahindra to reach to the height that they have reached they have certain values that they get their employees to abide by. They are known as the core values. What are those values? Let’s see go ahead and see that.


Core Values of Tech Mahindra

  • Good Corporate Culture:

    As in the past, Tech Mahindra will continue to seek long-term success, which is in alignment with the needs of the countries we serve. They are very careful and particular with their ethical business standards which would not be compromised at any cost.

  • Professionalism:

    At Tech Mahindra the main focus has always been freedom and opportunity to grow. The candidates are hired with this aspect kept in focus. Going ahead also they would always support innovation and well-reasoned risk-taking but will demand performance.

  • Quality Focus:

    Quality is the key to delivering value for money to their customers. They will make quality a driving value in our work, in their products and their interactions with others. They will do it ‘First Time Right’.

  • Customer-First:

    Tech Mahindra exist and prosper only because of their customers. They will respond to the changing needs and expectations of their customers speedily, courteously and effectively.

  • Dignity of the individual:

    They will value individual dignity, uphold the right to express disagreement, and respect the time & efforts of others. Through their actions, they will nurture fairness, trust, and transparency.

Before moving ahead in this Tech Mahindra Interview Questions blog, if you would like to summarize this blog in a video, below is an option for you:

Tech Mahindra Interview Process

Here is the table of criteria, by which you can understand your eligibility to apply for the Tech Mahindra jobs.

Criterion for GraduationDetails

Department/Branch of Study

Bachelors of Engineering (B.E.) / Bachelor’s of Technology

(B. Tech) in one of the following disciplines: CSE/ECE/IT/EEE/TELECOM/EI.


M.Sc (Master of Science) in Computer Science & Information Technology.

Mode of Study    

Full-Time courses recognized by the Central or State governments of India.

(Not the part-time or correspondence courses available.)

Percentage with which Graduation needs to be done

Minimum Sixty Percent (60%)


No Backlogs are active during the Tech Mahindra Recruitment Process.

Interview Process:

Tech Mahindra Technical Interview Questions

During the Technical Interview based on the position and the job role you are looking for you will be interviewed in many aspects. Here are some of the most covered technical concepts in the Tech Mahindra technical round of the interview.

1) What do you understand about Structured Programming?

Structured Programming is a programming paradigm that involves a totally structured control flow. Structure refers to a block, such as (if/then/else), (while and for), block structures, and subroutines, that contains a set of rules and has a defined control flow. Structured programming is used in nearly all programming paradigms, including the OOPs model.

2) What do you understand by a checkpoint in Database Management Systems?


  • The Checkpoint in Database Management Systems (DBMS) is a technique that removes all previous logs from the system and stores them permanently on the storage drive.
  • Preserving the log of each transaction and maintaining shadow pages are two methods that can assist the DBMS in recovering and maintaining the ACID properties.
  • When it comes to a log-based recovery system, checkpoints are necessary.
  • Checkpoints are the minimal points from which the database engine can recover after a crash as a specified minimal point from which the transaction log record can be utilized to recover all committed data up to the moment of the crash.

3) In Java, what is the default value of the local variables?

Local variables, primitives, and object references are not initialized to any default value in Java. A code snippet to illustrate the same is given below:

public class LocalVariablesExample{
  public void foo() {
     int localVariable;
     localVariable = localVariable * 10;
     System.out.println("Local Variable value is : " + localVariable);
  public static void main(String args[]) {
     LocalVariablesExample obj = new LocalVariablesExample();;
4) What is reentrancy in multiprogramming time sharing systems?

For multiprogramming time-sharing systems, reentrancy is a very effective memory saving strategy. It has the capability of allowing several users to share a single copy of the program at the same time. Two of its main features are as follows:

  • The program code is incapable of self-modification.
  • Each user process’s local data must be saved separately.

Tips to crack the technical Interview:

  • Test your coding knowledge everyday : To see how quickly you can solve a set of coding tasks, put yourself to the test. This will aid in the development of your problem-solving abilities as well as your logic frameworks.
  • Access yourself by strength and weakness : Recognize your strengths and shortcomings, as well as the skills and experiences that qualify you for the position. Consider coming up with a unique example to help you stand out from the crowd. The interviewer wants to discover what drives you, why you’re interested in the organization, and how your previous experience prepares you for the role.
  • Be aware of the interview pattern of Tech Mahindra : Examine the organization’s interview experience articles. This will give you a decent idea of how the actual interview will go and what to expect.
  • Take Mock Interview : Consider doing a practice interview. This will give you a sense of how the interview will be conducted.


Tech Mahindra Behavioral Interview Questions

1. Tell me about yourself?

Make sure focus on your strengths, skills, qualities and experiences you have that will match the role you are applying for. TECH MAHINDRA is a high-achieving organization, so the positive and enthusiastic answer that proves you can add value to their already established team.
Sample Answer :“I am highly-motivated and goal-oriented person who strongly believes that significant progress in an organization like TECH MAHINDRA can be achieved only if everyone in the team is working in the same direction. Also in my previous experiences I have learnt and understood the skills that perfectly fits with the job description. Adding on my reviews on my performance by my previous Managers showcase that I am an apt candidate who is willing to give the best to an established and high-achieving organization like Tech Mahindra.”

2. What makes you want to work at Tech Mahindra?

Tech Mahindra attracts and develops top people by providing holistic long-term positions based on a digital learning environment that is accessible at any time, from any location, and on any device.  As a new employee, Tech Mahindra is a fantastic place to start your career. It offers an outstanding work environment as well as a welcoming atmosphere with a positive ambience beneficial to personal and corporate progress.

3. Why are you suitable for this role?

When you are asked questions like this, you should mention your strengths and skills that are appropriate for the position.
Sample Answer: “I am convinced that I am fit for this role for a variety of reasons, but above all because of my commitment to keep going. To succeed in this role, I have all the required skills. I am working on learning for myself. My skills and abilities are in perfect agreement with the requirements of this position. Above all, my  communication and leadership skills make me a strong candidate for that position.”

4. Are you open to relocating to various locations in India?

Do not give a negative answer. Generally, if there is a project requirement you would be asked to relocate. So, enquiring about the projects will always help you. Be prepared to give an affirmative answers and let them know your concerns to recruiter.

5. What do you think your pay might be?

Answering this question is challenging. It is a question that most experienced employees are asked. You might inquire about the company’s standard employee rise.


Bonus Tips to Crack the Tech Mahindra Interview Questions:

  • Be ready with detailed examples
  • Let the answers be concise, structured and clear.
  • Be informed about the core values of Tech Mahindra
  • Be quick and on point with the answers you give.

Finally, we have come to end of the content here. Any interview might seem hard when you just keep thinking about the process. The trick is to just start with your preparation. Once you have started you will not even know when you would have aced it. Hoping this information covers all your doubts about Tech Mahindra Interview questions we wish you the best for your interview.  Checkout the Careers Page at Tech Mahindra. Happy Learning!


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