Switching Careers: From Java to Big Data / Hadoop

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Jan 7, 2014
Switching Careers: From Java to Big Data / Hadoop
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There is this point in all our lives where we think of switching careers or apprising our skill sets to improve our career growth or even just to stay updated with the growing trends. But careful analysis of the current trend and observing the requirements serves as a good method to choose which skill set get updated with. Looking at the current market, Hadoop and Big Data technology are growing extremely fast and has lots of market demands as well.  A surge in interest in “Big Data” is prompting many Development Team Managers to consider Hadoop technology as it’s increasingly becoming a significant component of Big Data applications. In doing so, taking inventory of the skills sets required when dealing with Hadoop is vital.  According to Helena Schwenk, analyst at MWD Advisors, quoted to SearchSOA.com that a well-rounded Hadoop implementation team’s skills should include experience in large-scale distributed systems and knowledge of languages such as Java, C++, Pig Latin and HiveQL. Data 

It is now clear that having knowledge on Java is an essential skill needed in Hadoop. Let’s go ahead and talk about how easy it is for you to switch from Java to Hadoop.

Why you need to Cross over from Java to Big Data?

  • A look in to Java and Hadoop job trends:

Job trend - Java to Big Data

While looking at the graphic representation of the job trends taken from Google, it is pretty obvious that the Hadoop job trend is so much better than Java. Saying this, it doesn’t mean that there is a downfall in Java based job trend. It is just that with the growing surge in Hadoop and the demand for the companies looking for Java experts with knowledge in Hadoop is too big to be ignored. This is clearly seen in the job trend graphic representation for ‘Java with Hadoop’ skill kind of jobs.


  • When checking for job requirements for Java with Hadoop skills, there is a huge demand, but not enough professionals with the above said skill to meet the requirements.  According to Developers Slashdot, JPMorgan Chase and other companies where looking for job applicants in this field at this year’s Hadoop World conference. It seems they couldn’t find enough IT professionals with certain skills that includes Hadoop MapReduce (MapReduce scripts written in Java). This means high pay.
  • According to Dice’s Open Web, Java is the leading skill hiring managers looking for Java-Hadoop combined skill. Hadoop with Java is a valuable skill as HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) is written in Java.
  • According to Business Insider, Hadoop is worth at least $103,000 per year as salary.
  • Job with Big Data skills pays more than $106,000 annually.

Why it’s easier for a Java professional to switch to Hadoop?

Hadoop is an open-source, Java-based programming framework that supports the processing of large data sets in a distributed computing environment. Based on Google’s MapReduce model, Hadoop distributes computing jobs and then combines results. The MapReduce scripts used here are written in Java. Now, it is pretty obvious that to work on Hadoop, knowledge in Java is imperative. And having knowledge in Java makes it a cake walk when it comes to switching over to Hadoop.

Now, the real question to be asked is about Hadoop’s staying power as a career path:

IBM, Microsoft and Oracle have all incorporated Hadoop this year. Other companies with Hadoop and looking for Hadoop professionals as on November, 2013 are:

  • Amazon (110)
  • eBay (53)
  • Yahoo! Inc. (37)
  • Hortonworks (36)
  • Facebook (33)
  • Apple (28)
  • General Dynamics – IT (28)
  • EMC Corporation (27)
  • Northrop Grumman (25)
  • Twitter (23)

This is a definite sign that Java to Big Data / Hadoop is the way to go.

Got a question for us? Mention them in the comments section and we will get back to you. 

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  • samukka

    Thanks for useful information post about java to big data and hadoop.

    • EdurekaSupport

      Hi Lucy,
      Thank you for your positive feedback. We hope that you will find our blog useful in future as well. Keep visiting the Edureka Blog page for latest posts on this link:

  • Joy Biswas

    I have 5 years of experience in UNIX and PLSQL. Can I go to learn Hadoop. Is it a good dicision for me ? In case of swithching companies, my previous experience will matter or not in this case ?

  • Soumya

    Hi this is soumya,i am having 3 years of exp in java and j2ee.Thinking to move into Hadoop ,would appriciate if you can answer my below queries:

    1.As i am an experienced guy and if i do hadoop and get certified by edureka ,would i be counted as a fresher or my exp and salary will be considered.
    2.Does edureka provides any placement assistance ?

  • Neelam Baruah

    Hi I have just 1 year 6 months of Exp.. so how much I wll have opportunity in Hadoop if i learn it now? please reply asap

    • EdurekaSupport

      Hi Neelam,

      Companies are betting big that harnessing data can play a major role in their competitive plans, and that is leading to high pay for critical skills. Hadoop is one such skill. Right now there is a huge demand but not enough professionals with the above said skill to meet the requirements.
      The only prerequisite for learning Hadoop is adequate knowledge in Core Java. You can check out this link for more information about ‘Big Data & Hadoop’ course : http://www.edureka.co/big-data-and-hadoop
      In case of any clarification you can call us at India: +91 88808 62004 or US: 1800 275 9730 (Toll Free) to discuss in detail.

  • ashwin

    Hi this is ashwin. i have 2.5 years exp on java. i already had training on hadoop but still i am not getting any interview call bcoz every company want relevant exp on hadoop. i applied many companies but they said how many exp in hadoop ,also they ignore any training. so what i have to do. it is just hype of hadoop,very less job in india. if there are jobs it requires 2-3 years of realavant exp.
    what i have to do then?
    reply me asap


    • EdurekaSupport

      Hi Ashwin, there is a huge opening for Hadoop in Indian Market right now and many companies are looking for professionals with some hands-on experience in this technology. At Edureka after each and every class you will get to work on various assignments and practicals and at the end of the course you will be working on a Live project which gives you real time experience in Hadoop. You can call us at US: 1800 275 9730 (Toll Free) or India: +91 88808 62004 in case of further clarifications.

  • dskanth

    Hi this is Shashi, a php web developer with more than 6 years of exp. I have worked on many tools and frameworks of php. PHP is good in the market as of now, but not sure what would be its future after say around 5 years. Also the salaries are very less for a php developer in India.

    I heard that Hadoop is booming these days. I have basic programming knowledge in Core Java. But i am not sure whether to learn Hadoop and shift my career to it, as there are other promising domains like Android, IOS, Hyperion, etc. that are hot in the market. Will it be really worth learning Hadoop for me? Please suggest.

    • EdurekaSupport

      Hi Shashi,
      The only pre-requisite for learning Hadoop is knowledge in core Java. Since you already posses the required knowledge. Learning Hadoop will be fairly easier for you.

      Shashi, a lot of professionals from varies background are switching to Hadoop as there are exciting career opportunities in Big Data domain. Hadoop is relatively new in India and In order to get an edge over others you can do multiple projects. By enrolling for ‘Big Data & Hadoop’ course , you will doing real-time projects. This will definitely strengthen your profile. We also provide 24/7 technical support to guide you.
      Check out this link for more information: http://www.edureka.co/big-data-and-hadoop . Feel free to call us at US: 1800 275 9730 (Toll Free) or India: +91 88808 62004 in case of any clarifications

  • Jatin

    This is jatin, i want to know of eligibilty criteria, I have done graduation through correspondence. I want to know, will I able to get job if I learn Hadoop developer. I have knowledge of java.

  • Gourav Samanta

    with over 4 years of exposure in the IT world, working on the functional side of things on service management, I want to change career streams and move to BigData/Hadoop. I am somewhat familiar with the java lingo though never got a chance to work on it. My question to you is what is the average timeframe for someone to learn hadoop and its pre-requisites before somebody can be interview ready? Also what are the suggested prerequisites to make the best use of the course?
    I am also interested to know what are the careers in hadoop itself. I hear a lot of buzzwords like data scientist, analytics, developer,admin which confuses me. Can you care to explain them if possible.

  • ravichandra


    I have more than 10 Years of exp in Testing with various automation tools,currently working as a QA manager for one of the product in reputed company.

    I’m planning to move to US where I wanted to change my path and take up a new technology,will this training gives me sufficient learning and work experience to work in US company if I get certified in Big data analytics.Are there anybody doing the jobs after completing course from you.

    Will you help in resume preparation and job opportunities?

    • EdurekaSupport

      Hi Ravichandran, professionals from different background are taking up Hadoop as there is a huge demand for it. You can learn something that is new, challenging and has lots of potential from career prospective. Edureka’s certification is a testimonial to the fact that you have hands-on experience in Hadoop, which is most looked for by employers.
      Yes, Ravichandra we do help with resume preparation but not with direct placement. We do have tie ups with numerous organizations and will pass on any job opportunities with them, but We don’t promise on this as it this is purely incidental.
      You can call us at US: 1800 275 9730 (Toll Free) or India: +91 88808 62004 for further clarifications.

  • Anshuman Ranjan

    Hi , I have 3.6 Years of Java/J2EE and Oracle Experience for Investment Banking Domain ,mostly towards the performance and architecture part of the application , I was Looking forward to join Edureka for Big Data and Hadoop Course after i have gone through the prescribed books suggested for HAdoop Development hoping to move from Java to Big data , My Doubt is I aspire to clear CCDH certification to have a clear distinction on my hadoop Skills , Request you to clearify what are the gaps which i need to cover up after i complete the edureka course and give the CCDH certification exam

    • EdurekaSupport

      Hi Anshuman, the course modules of the ‘Big Data & Hadoop’ course at Edureka is in par with that of Cloudera’s and there is no gap between the two. Many of our students have cleared the CCDH certification on the first try, with our assistance.
      If there is anything specific that you would like to ask us, please call us at US: 1800 275 9730 (Toll Free) or India: +91 88808 62004