Published on Jan 30,2018
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From being a tech enthusiast to becoming a data scientist, Mumbai-based Harsh Varudkar has explored the length and breath of IT as a student, a lecturer and now a professional. During the latter part of his Master of Engineering (ME) course from University of Mumbai, Harsh decided to explore the world of data science in all its glory. Seeking to master concepts around predictive models, machine-learning algorithms, Mahout among others, Harsh decided to enroll for the Edureka Data Science Course. Recently, he finished his course, completed his assignment and is now an Edureka-certified data science specialist.

Tech enthusiast to Data Scientist

So what is it about data science that excites Harsh, and how did the Edureka course take his one step closer to his dream career? Here’s what he has to say:

“I became interested in the world of data science while I was pursuing my ME degree. I was excited to learn about concepts like big data analytics, data visualization and machine learning techniques that were taking the IT world by storm. I stumbled upon the Edureka course on data science and decided to give it a shot.”

He says, “The fact that the course was curated by an industry expert with huge experience in the field was a great help in understanding concepts like analytics and machine learning algorithms. Towards end of my course, the live data science project truly helped me understand the real-life applicability of data science from a global perspective.”

Spreading Data Science knowledge

Harsh is also a data science guest lecturer across colleges in Maharashtra. He credits Edureka for being able to extend his knowledge of data science to the student community. He says,

“Edureka has not only taught me the concepts of data science thoroughly, it has also given me enough information to qualify as a guest lecturer. To date, I have taken 24 guest lectures across colleges, on data science.”

Juggling multiple Data Scientist job offers

Harsh is pursuing his final year of ME, and already, he is getting job offers for various data scientist roles. He says, “I have chosen data science as my long-term career and I am 200% satisfied with Edureka and their course.”

Add Data Science to your resume

The Edureka data science course is ideal for developers who wish to become data scientists. It is also useful for Hadoop professionals, information architects and analytics enthusiasts. New batches for the course are starting soon. Click to enroll now!

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