Published on Jan 28,2015
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Who is a Data Scientist?

Data Scientist is an individual or an organization involved with performing data mining, statistical analysis, and retrieval of large sets of data, so as to discover figures, trends and other relevant information. A Data Scientist is set apart with his strong business acumen, coupled with the ability to communicate results to both business and IT leaders in a way that can influence an organization’s approaches to new business challenges. He will not just address a problem, but will also offer solutions to organisations or individuals in cracking a code easily.

In a recent post, the job of a Data Scientist is considered to be one of the best jobs of the century. Due to their ability to solves complex problems, their salaries now are a hot topic for many.

Types of Data Scientists

Depending on the roles and components of Data Scientists, they are slightly different in their expertise. They are as follows:

Data Business people – They can be leaders, managers or even entrepreneurs, with a technical know-how. They apply their knowledge to their business and are profit focused Data Scientists. They have an engineering degree paired with an MBA and they apply the same knowledge in most of their business ventures.

Data Creatives – Data Creatives have a great deal of imagination and creativity. They work with a broad range of tools and data, surprising the rest with their boundless flair of visualization. They maybe artists or hackers and they excel at open-source technologies.

Data Developers – Data Developers belong to the league of highly brilliant people with the ability to develop tools,  software and databases. They are focused on writing software, analytics, statistics and machine learning tasks in production. They often work with big data and have computer science degrees.

Data Researchers – As the term suggests, they apply their knowledge and scientific training to organizational data. They undergo a series of research and their application of mathematical tools yields valuable insights.

Four Categories and the Five Skill Groups

These are different roles and their area of focus. For instance, for a data researcher, the prime focus would be on machine learning and statistics. Similarly, for a data business person the focus would be on spending immense time on understanding the business aspect.

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