Published on Dec 19,2016
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“Can you share any example of a problem solving technique you used recently?” is a behavioral interview question that leaves many a candidate in sticky situations. A gauge of an individual’s critical thinking skills, it’s necessary to answer this question satisfactorily to show the hiring manager that you’re as good as you sound on paper. In this blog post, let’s discuss the best way to approach this question in your job interview and come away making an indelible impression on the interviewer’s mind. This can be done by following five simple steps for problem solving.

First of all, be aware that by asking this question, your hiring manager is trying to predict your future job performance. If you give a transactional answer, you might end up leaving a wrong impression of yourself in her mind. Most behavioral questions start with “Give me an example..” or “Tell me about a situation you faced..,” and the motive behind these questions is to check your creativity, communication skills and ability to see the larger picture.

Remember, they are not interested in knowing your achievements but what they need to know is if you followed a systematic approach to reach a solution or not. Problem-solving skills relate to your ability to identify issues, obstacles, and opportunities and how you can develop and implement effective solutions.

Be it a customer facing or internal, complex or small problem, using a systematic approach to solve it will help you become a more effective project manager.

5 Simple Steps for Problem Solving

In any situation, following the five problem solving steps given below will help you in most situations:

  1. Define the Problem
  2. Determine the Causes
  3. Generate Ideas
  4. Select the Best Solution
  5. Take Action

To ace the question with flying colors, try to customize your answer to the types of problems that you would be solving in the role you’re interviewing for. Problem solving is an essential know-how especially in the professional context, especially for project managers. Showing that you have a problem-solving orientation to your personality will help you get branded as a go-getter and help you prove that you are the right fit for the job!

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Nishant Shukla
Published on Dec 19,2016
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