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Ruby vs Python : What are the Differences?

Last updated on Dec 17,2021 2K Views

Python and Ruby are the two new generations, high-level, server-side scripting languages focusing on simpler, better and high-performance codes. These two programming languages have their own similarities, and differences. This article on Ruby vs Python will differentiate between the two programming languages in the following sequence:



Ruby - Ruby vs Python - Edureka

Ruby is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language. It is mostly used as a language for Web Applications.

Python- Ruby vs Python - edureka

Python is a readable, efficient and powerful high-level language with automatic memory management.

Core Function

Web development - ruby vs python - edureka

The core function of Ruby is Web development and functional programming.

data science - ruby vs python - edureka

Python is mostly used for Academic and scientific programming. It has numerous libraries for data science.

Web Frameworks

Ruby on Rails- ruby vs python-edureka

Rails is a Ruby framework which is strongly opinionated and favoring convention over configuration.

django-Ruby vs Python-Edureka


Django is the framework that is similar to Rails. It expedites the modeling process and acts as an ORM.

Use Cases

Graphic & Visualization - ruby vs python-Edureka

It is used for data-heavy sites and servers with high-traffic volume. It operates faster with math, big data, and scientific calculations.

Applications - ruby vs python - Edureka



This is mostly used for implementing complex and high-traffic sites and applications quickly.

Learning Curve


Ruby might take more time to get used to when compared to Python.

The syntax is easier to understand, and it’s more readable to the beginner.

Distinctive Properties


Some of the distinctive properties include: easy to learn, conservative, code readability, speedy, and efficient.

Efficient - ruby vs python - Edureka

Some of the distinctive properties include: expressive, efficient, elegant and powerful.


Flexibility - Ruby vs Python - Edureka

You will always find many different methods to achieve a task in Ruby.

Python code is not the most flexible but it has a good readability to an inexperienced programmer.



Ruby’s use has gone down in the list of top 10 languages, from fifth place in 2014 to tenth place in 2018.


Whereas, Python has steadily kept its popularity, moving from the fourth most used language in 2014 up to the third spot in 2015, where it remained through 2018.

These were some of the comparison factors between the two programming languages. I hope this will help you understand which language fits your goal better.

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Ruby vs Python : What are the Differences?