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RPA Tools List and Comparison – Leaders in RPA Software

Last updated on Jan 22,2020 62.1K Views
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Robotic Process Automation is a new age technology in today’s market used to automate mundane tasks, and to do this we need RPA Tools. To upskill your career in RPA, getting a UiPath training or Automation Anywhere training is a must, as this can help you land as an RPA developerIn this article on RPA Tools, the following topics will be covered:

Before I give you a detailed list of the top RPA tools in today’s market, let me tell you the different types of RPA tools available.

Types Of RPA Tools

All the RPA tools can be segregated into 4 different types of tools that are built as the extension of the previous generation of bots. Refer to the following table for the same.

Type of RPA ToolsDescription
Excel automation and MacrosSimple automation solutions to automate basic processes.
Programmable Solution botsInteract with other systems based on the client’s requirements /inputs.
Self Learning ToolsAnalyze human actions and perform the same on various platforms
Cognitive automation bots Self-learning bots which can handle unstructured data, and make decisions based on complex, unstructured input.

Since you must have got an idea about the types of tools available, let us look into the list of the top RPA tools present in today’s market.


List of RPA Tools

Vendor/ToolFree Version Available/ NotPricingUsabilitySelected Partners
Another Monday30 days free trialSmart process tracking, Drag & Drop cognitive automationKPMG, PwC
AntWorksCollaboration tool provides Bot cloningCyberArk, Vincix
Automation Edge30 days of free trialDrag and Drop technology and Cognitive featuresWipro, Keyvrox
Automation AnywhereProvides a community edition/ free editionDrag & Drop and provides AI-Augmented RPAErnst and Young, Cognizant
BluePrism30 days of free trialDrag & Drop features, used for enterprise automationAccenture, Capgemini
Contextor[Acquired by SAP]
Price per block of 1,000 transactions per month [OR] Pay-per-use
Provides cloud deployment, and a visual designer to create botsWorldline, IBM
JacadaDesktop automation with high, DirecTV
KofaxProvides free trialUnified Design Environment, and provides built-in analyticsBMW, Dominos
Kryon SystemsProvides free trialProvides strong analytics &deployment efficiencyPwC, EY
NICE Systems30 days of free trialAccenture, Cognizant
Pega30 days of free trialVisual designer studioAccenture, Capgemini
Redwood Software30 days of free trialHeineken, Airbus
UiPath Community EditionStudio License (Annual): $2000 – $3,000Drag and Drop functionality, Easy to use visual designerCognizant, Deloitte
Visual Cron45-day free trialper serverIntegration and task scheduling toolAmazon, Apple
WorkFusion30 days of free trialper processDrag and drop builder and provides machine learning capabilitiesBank of America, PNC

Well, as you can see above that each tool has its own positive and negative factors. But, if you talk about the market leaders, it is the famous trio i.e. Blue Prism, UiPath & Automation Anywhere. Refer to the following table for the differences between these tools.


RPA Tools Comparison: UiPath vs Blue Prism vs Automation Anywhere

UiPathBlue PrismAutomation Anywhere
Has Community Edition / Free EditionHas recently launched a free edition.Recently launched a Community Edition
Most Popular ToolPopular than Automation AnywhereLess Popular than others
No programming knowledge requiredIt provides functionality that allows the user to write code, but users can manage without it.No programming knowledge required
Has free online training and certification programsProvides official certification programRecently launched a certification of 50$.
Provides desktop, web and Citrix automationDesigned for Citrix automation for BPO.Reasonable across all mediums.

So, now that I have explained the differences between the top tools, you can consider the following checklist to select the right tool for you.


Checklist for Selecting The Right Tool

Checklist for RPA Tools - RPA Tools - edureka

  • Technology: Most of the organizations perform their day to day tasks outside the local desktop either by using virtual machines or Citrix environments. So the tool should support any type of application and must be platform-independent.
  • Scalability: While selecting an RPA tool, you must consider how easily the tool can respond to clients/business requirements and changes with high efficiency.
  • Security: Security is an important aspect in any field of technology.  Since RPA tools are software, you need to consider a lot of security measures while deploying bots in production.
  • Total Cost of Ownership: Includes the initial setup cost, maintenance cost, and ongoing vendor license fees. This is a very important parameter that must be considered while selecting a tool.
  • Ease of Use & Control: Any tool that you choose must be user-friendly to increase employee satisfaction and efficiency. 
  • Vendor Experience: It is advised to choose a vendor that serves a company similar to yours both in terms of size and industry. This will help you improve the speed of implementation.
  • Maintenance & Support: The vendor must follow a support model to ensure that the required Service Level Agreements are met. 

Now that you know the parameters you have to consider while selecting the tool, you should have an understanding of when to choose which tool. Refer to the following image to understand which tools suits your needs the best.

RPA Core Functionalities and the RPA Tools used - RPA Tools - edureka

Looking at the above tools, if you want to upskill your career in the field of RPA, then we at Edureka provide a structured curriculum on UiPath to help you master the tool. We are also one of the official training partners of Automation Anywhere, where we will provide you with the Enterprise Edition. If you wish to master, then check out our courses on UiPath and Automation Anywhere.

Got a question for us? Please mention it in the comments section of this RPA Tools article and we will get back to you.


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