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R Training-First Step to Become a Data Scientist

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By now, everyone has pretty much heard about ‘Big Data’ being the next big thing to revolutionize how we work, live and communicate. Prima facie, Analytics with R sounds just like another tool for analysis, but R analytics has slowly transformed diverse industries and their business stages. R now plays a major role in almost every aspect of how a company conducts its business. Training on R is of great assistance to a Data Scientist, who will be able to access a holistic view of the performance of the business and maximize its efficiency.

Let’s look at reasons why R training is now essential;

Increasing Popularity and Usage of R

With over 2 million users worldwide, R is rapidly becoming the leading programming language in statistics and data science. Every year, the number of R users shoots up by over 40%, and an increasing number of organizations start using it in their day-to-day activities. Here’s a revelation by Kaggle, a software supplier company.

kaggle survey

To substantiate the claim of increasing number of R users, a research conducted by Kaggle, revealed that 1/3rd of all Kaggle competitors report using R. Moreover, Kaggle reports that 50% of competition winners used R to beat their competitors to create the most accurate predictive models.

With the academic focus on analytics training with R, it is most certain that organizations will slowly encourage recruitment of people with prior training on R. Fortune 500 companies now show a positive inclination towards the usage of Analytics with R.

Increased Scope of R Usage

The illustration below shows various functional aspects of the business, where application of analytics is encouraged. This greatly re-emphasizes the scope for analytics training with R. Training on R would not limit your perspective to only single departments, but give you a cohesive solution.

Increased Scope of R Usage

R is not restricted to large-scale organizations. In fact, more and more medium and small-sized businesses are opting for R. With this increased usage comes a surge in demand for professionals with the right skill. A proper training in R ensures professionals with industry-relevant skills which companies are looking for.

Encouraging Job Trend for R 

With various statistical tools available, the choice of  tool to work with entirely depends on the data scientist. The choices can be made on the basis of user friendliness or technical efficiency. With such wide range of choices available, the usage of R has been rising across domains. The upward trend in jobs being posted on is an indicator of the rising need for R professionals. Also, according to the O’Reilly Data Science Survey results for 2012 and 2013 (combined), a staggering 43% of data and non-data roles put together, utilized R.

Encouraging Job Trend for R

R resides in an interestingly large gap between the other domain-specific languages, SAS and SPSS. R has not only caught up with SPSS, but surpassed it with more than 50% of the job postings.

R Training for a Six Figure Salary

A report in Dice titled “Data Scientists with Business Analytics Smarts can make six figures” published the recruiter’s opinion in the Silicon Valley that Data scientists with R get an average compensation in the range of $110, 000 to $140,000 annually. That’s more than the average of a Silicon Valley technology professional. This report underlines the fact that R training can give a significant boost to your career.

In it’s another salary survey with over 170,000 technology professionals, R programming was the highest paid IT skill. In fact, it was on a par with Big Data skills.

Here’s a look at the salary trend for the job title ‘Data Scientist’ in and other job titles related to Data Scientist position along with their salaries:

data scientist salary trend

The above salary trend indicates the positive trend where the remuneration for Data Scientists are progressing and going higher and higher, validating the claim that Data Scientists are being paid well. 

data scientist salary trend

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R Training-First Step to Become a Data Scientist