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Python Vs JavaScript: Which One Is Better?

Published on Sep 26,2019 640 Views

This Python Vs JavaScript article will help you these popular languages and also tell which one will meet your programming needs better. Following pointers will be covered in this article,

Let us start this Python vs JavaScript comparison by understanding what is Python?

What is Python?

IDLE logo-The best IDE for Python-EdurekaPython can simply be defined as being a high level programming language which follows an object oriented approach and has been designed in the C programming language. Python is well known for its great number of features and versatility that it brings to the table. Along with this Python also has dynamic semantics which makes it easy to read and understand. By nature Python is a scripting language similar to Perl and Ruby and can be used to code web applications. Python comes with a huge array of modules right out of the box and allows one to program both simple as well as complex operations.

Now we would take look at what JavaScript is?

What is JavaScript?

Similar to Python, JavaScript too is an Object Oriented Programming language and is primarily used to enhance web applications with dynamic abilities which can otherwise not be achieved through HTML and CSS. Out of the box, JavaScript comes with support for regular expressions, dates as well as texts. 

Now that the introduction is out of the way, let us understand how Python vs JavaScript fare in comparison,

Python vs JavaScript

Now that you are aware of the basic definitions of both Python and JavaScript let us look into the main difference between both the platforms. 



Different flavours of Python are available for online download depending upon the nature of our use. 

On the other hand, JavaScript is mostly run on a web browser and doesn’t come in built with REPL. But if in a certain situation, we need to use REPL, we can do the same by installing node.js. 

Python comes inbuilt with mutable as well as immutable data types. An example of a mutable data type can be set and that of an immutable data type can be a list. 

In JavaScript there is no concept of mutable as  well as immutable data types.

By default the source code in Python is ASCII and we can use a specific code if needed by importing the same. 

On the other hand in JavaScript, the platform by default supports UTF-16 and has no built in support for other raw data types. 

When using Python one has access to different data types like fixed point decimal, int and float. 

On the other hand, when using JavaScript one has access to only fixed point data types. 

Python has in built hash tables which are called dictionaries and sets which can further be used in hashing with keys and values.

JavaScript by default has no support for hash keys.

To process inheritance, Python by default makes use of class based inheritance methods. 

Where as in JavaScript, we make use of prototype based inheritance model.

In Python to achieve indentation, one makes use of spaces and tabs. The standard is 4 spaces or tabs, but in certain situations more can be used as long as the number remains constant throughout the program. 

On the other hand, to achieve indentation in JavaScript we make use of curly brackets {}. 

When computing Python has the ability to raise an exception if a function has been called using incorrect parameters or has accepted additional parameter passing syntax. 

During execution JavaScript does not care if the function has been called using a correct parametre or not, as by default a missing parameter is assigned a value by the name of ‘undefined’ and any special parameters are assigned the name ‘special arguments.’

Python by default has a list of similar data types and tuples. The arrays in Python are quite similar to those of JavaScript. 

JavaScript comes with built in array types. 

To define an attribute, Python allows the use of a descriptor protocol where we can make use of setter as well as getter functions. 

On the other hand in JavaScript, one has access to properties which have underlying attributes which can further be used to define the same. 

In most cases, Python is referred as a batteries included language as by default it comes with a large number of modules. 

On the other hand, by default JavaScript comes with very less modules and has support only for date, text, math, regExp and JSON. If one needs access to a wide variety of functionality, it can only be achieved through a host environment such as a web browser.  


Python vs JavaScript: Few More Differences

  1. Python is strongly typed, meaning that there is no implicit conversion between data types. On the other hand, JavaScript is weakly typed. 
  2. JavaScript can be used to run the front end of a program but Python can only be used to run the backend, that is the server side of the operation. 
  3. Blocking code and synchronicity is a default in JavaScript whereas this is not the case with Python. 
  4. During execution Python uses a newline whereas JavaScript uses a statement terminator. 
  5. Python by default has procedural programming, whereas there is no such thing in JavaScript.
  6. When it comes to mobile development, JavaScript is the best option but Python is not. 
  7. It is popular opinion that JavaScript is a poorly  designed language whereas Python is a robust, well designed and highly capable language. 

So this brings us to the end of this Python vs JavaScript article.

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Got a question for us? Mention them in the comments section of  article and we will get back to you.

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Python Vs JavaScript: Which One Is Better?