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What Are Important Pre-Requisites For DevOps Professionals?

Last updated on Apr 25,2024 16.7K Views

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This article will talk about the pre-requisites for DevOps and while doing that give you all the information to help you get started with DevOps. Following pointers will be covered in this article,

To run the business processes smoothly and efficiently, there are continuous updates in software developmental approach. DevOps is such a tool which has assured exceptional, swifter and productive services with a high-end customer satisfaction. DevOps have become a flair in the recent IT market. Consequently, the demand for engineers to develop, supervise and deal DevOps practices is on a raise in organizations of various industries. To meet this demand and raise their own efficiency, organizations are hiring skilled DevOps engineers. In order to avail this booming opportunity, one must be aware about what a DevOps does and the required prerequisites.

Let us dive deeper into this pre-requisites For DevOps

What is DevOps?

DevOps (Development Operations) is a pioneer innovative development method comprising of just a few sets of processes that synchronize to integrate development teams and processes to supplement software development. DevOps is in huge demand because it brings high speed and accuracy creating a relationship between development and IT operations allowing organizations to create and modify their products at a comparatively brisk pace than available traditional software development methods.

Image - Pre-Requisites For DevOps - EdurekaA strong alliance of divergent teams- developing, testing, and operating- is its distinguished concept. This strong collaboration of teams results in identifying and solving errors quickly. In the DevOps scenario, the codes are continuously developed, tested, integrated, deployed and monitored to provide the standard output in less duration.

Lets look into who is a DevOps Engineer

Who is a DevOps Engineer?

As a matter of fact, there is no orthodox career course for a DevOps engineer. He can be an IT professional – developer or system administrator to expand the responsibilities towards ingenious progressive evolution of DevOps.

The key responsibilities of DevOps engineer are-

  • Administration of IT infrastructure
  • Choosing the right deployment models
  • Conducting the testing protocol and critical monitoring

Now lets move on to Pre-requisites For DevOps Engineer

Prerequisites of a DevOps Engineer

As a DevOps engineer has a very pivotal role to play in any organization, it is mandatory for one to be perfect in various technical and personal skills such as Coding, re-engineering of processes and collaboration. Some of the prerequisites of a DevOps engineer are-


Containers are one of the most required assets for a DevOps engineer to have on his or her resume. Containers enable developers to generate applications and install them to servers from a laptop. This tool has changed the whole scenario of apps’ creation, operation and shipment. It has become one of the most in practice advances in DevOps technology due to the ability to impart an accurate and directed environment to build within.

Image - Pre-Requisites For DevOps - EdurekaGrasp of programming languages

It is mandatory for the DevOps engineer to have a basic knowledge of certain basic programming languages such as Java, Perl and Python as it ensures the DevOps engineer to handle the development team well so as to enable uniform trouble-free flow of application installation, configuration and validation. A great DevOps engineer should also be a scripting guru as he must be capable to writing code to automate repeatable processes.

Comprehending Tools and Technologies

Various specific operations of development, testing, integration, observing, formation and others depend on various DevOps tools. The DevOps engineer should have a thorough comprehension of popular tools such as Ansible, Chef, Docker, ELK Stack GIT, Jenkins, Puppet, Selenium, and Splunk. He or she should be eager to learn new technologies, offer novel solutions and recommendations and be adaptive to face challenges.

DevOps Training and Certification

One of the quite crucial and important qualifications of the DevOps engineer is DevOps training and certification. It offers to provide an effective route to learn various processes of DevOps – basics, DevOps tools, lifecycle, workflow, and other processes. Hyderabad is the current hub in India for DevOps Training Course. Certification as DevOps professional is a huge advantage as it marks upgradation of skills as well as enhanced capacity to improve business scope. One gets valuable hands-on experience by handling real-time DevOps project works and gets an exposure to the live environment of projects in training.

Knowledge of Automation Tools

It is quite imperative to have a comprehensive grasp of automation tools and techniques as now a days, everything is automated and a DevOps engineer must be skilled at handling automation processes at different levels of development, testing and operation .A distinct and comprehensive knowledge of the infrastructure automation such as creation and configuration of apps and systems, app deployments etc. encourages the ability to maintain better processes. He or she must have comprehensive knowledge of Jenkins, Bamboo, Hudson Thought Works, and other tools to move ahead.


A DevOps engineer is responsible for the proper administration of testing procedures at all levels. So, it is imperative for him or her to have good knowledge of testing tools and other applications. It also makes him capable of identifying the bugs at any stage quite easily – so debugging and resolutions become easy.

Moving on with this article on Pre-requisites For DevOps,

Excellent Collaboration

Two personal skills which make a DevOps engineer quite an efficient one is- excellent collaboration and communication skills as DevOps targets on collaborative support services. Excellent communication skills help in avoiding any misinterpretation and it helps in agile functioning. Being adaptable allows DevOps engineers to pick up new jobs briskly and share their skills to various areas when required. A good DevOps engineer must be a problem solver, both in the cloud and in real life.

Grasp of Networking

The DevOps engineer should have a grasp of networking too as efficient networking enables the final developments, applications or services to be promoted to the client’s environment as per the desired design and planning.

Logical Attitude

A good rational, logical and comprehensive outlook is also a trait required for being a successful DevOps engineer as sometimes it will be his or her sole responsibility to take immediate decisions for smooth and successful functioning in the organization.
Excellent leadership qualities marshaled with super communicational and professional expertise attribute to the success of a DevOps engineer.


It is the ultimate key to unwind any trouble in being a success as a candidate who is passionate about his or her work, will definitely hit the bull’s eye. It is the chief prerequisite that can never be overlooked, even in the world of digital clouds and coding.

This brings us to the end of this article on Pre-Requisites For DevOps. Ready to embark on your DevOps journey? Dive into our comprehensive DevOps tutorial now and gain the essential knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the world of DevOps!

Check out the DevOps Post Graduate Program training by Edureka, a trusted online learning company with a network of more than 250,000 satisfied learners spread across the globe. The Edureka DevOps Certification Training course helps learners to understand what is devops and gain expertise in various DevOps processes and tools such as Puppet, Jenkins, Nagios, Ansible, Chef, Saltstack and GIT for automating multiple steps in SDLC. You can also check out our DevOps Engineer Course. It will help you to gain expertise in DevOps tools.

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What Are Important Pre-Requisites For DevOps Professionals?