Published on Feb 15,2018
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As per the market survey, between a PMI-ACP® Certified Professional and a non-certified professional, there is a difference of 28% in salary. So anybody who has done PMI-ACP® would on an average have 28% higher salary than a non-certified manager. Obviously that gives a sense of confidence to any Project Manager that if he has cleared the ACP certification, he would have an in-depth knowledge of agile practices. The graph below is showing an increasing trend in the National Salary of PMI-ACP® Certified professional.

How PMI-ACP® Certification Helps?

Since, ACP Certification talks about all the concepts of Agile, it ensures that you deeply understand everything in agile and are able to practice it in the real life environment.

The training is framed in a way that involves certain games which will help you understand the drawbacks of traditional waterfall methodology. They will help you learn estimation. Also, when we talk about planning focus, there would be certain games, which will be involved in it. Overall, this training changes your mindset and ingrains the Agile Methodology in your mind. It forces you to start interacting, and be collaborative with others. In short, ACP would help you be agile, and change the way you think. In addition, it will talk on a very broad and high level, covering all the things, which are part of agile. It will give an in-depth knowledge of all the concepts of agile, instead of focusing on just one or two parts of it.

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Published on Feb 15,2018

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