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PHP Frameworks: Everything You Need To Know About PHP Frameworks

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PHP Frameworks: Everything You Need To Know About PHP Frameworks

This article will help you explore different PHP frameworks and help you compare them on different factors so you can choose one to meet your business needs. Following pointers will be covered in this article,

So let us get started then,

Introduction To PHP Frameworks

PHP is a widely used, powerful programming language that permits us to ripen massive web applications. Other scripting languages that can be cast-off sidewise from PHP are ASP and Ruby. PHP’s attractiveness is ascribed to how laid back it is to cram and use in distinction to other scripting languages. 

Image - PHP Frameworks - EdurekaA PHP Framework is an elementary podium that consents us to change web applications. In other words, it affords structure. By spending a PHP Framework, you will end up saving heaps of time, ending the need to yield tedious code, and you will be able to figure applications hurriedly. Deprived of a PHP Framework in dwelling, it gets much more difficult to produce applications since you will have to continually code a lot of PHP. You will also have to accomplish the construction amongst your database and so forth application you change from scratch. Temporarily, using a PHP Framework styles it cooler for you to certify this assembly. 

There is so many likelihoods with PHP Frameworks that it certainly be contingent on the developer. If you are a advanced PHP programmer then you are more than likely to use a framework different from one who is a beginner. PHP frameworks service eradicate tedious coding and systemizes our construction process. If you are occupied on an application that can profit from this building procedure, then a PHP framework can absolutely be used. PHP Frameworks are a powerful tool for an even more powerful programming language which helps you tug your code in an organized and clean manner. If this is not something you are beholding for, then operational with a framework is more than prospective not for you. 

So let us see what factors can we use to compare these Frameworks

Comparing Different PHP Frameworks

The frameworks have been compared according to the following criteria 

  • Simplicity and installation of the framework 
  • Documentation 
  • Flexibility 
  • Compatibility 
  • Project applications 

PHP runs on the Model View Controller fundamentals. MVC is an architectural pattern presented in countless widespread software design languages, which disruptions separately your field reason from your user boundary. The sphere judgement is the role that switches data discussion among your catalogue and your user border. Consequently you are able to alter the province logic and highest pointedly for inventors, the user borderline individually. This appropriates a lot of muddle and abridges the perfect evolving progression. When we denote to MVC we principally poster that M viewpoints for the raw data, the V symbolizes what is essentially being viewed and C is in detail the realm lucidity as grasped upstairs. 

When you are capable to variety sagacity of how MVC mechanism, then PHP Frameworks converted much more richer and calmer to use. 

What must we pursue when we are considering for PHP framework 

When you are probing for a PHP Framework it can get a bit perplexing with what you require your framework to do, and with what your framework previously comes bundled with . Not every PHP Framework bids the same sustenance for databases, communities, and an easy to follow user guide. That may be fine if you are looking for something enormously simple. Nevertheless, if you find a PHP Framework that you are comfortable with , there should be a assortment of possibilities and recompenses that come along with it. 

Database Support, Community And Documentation Support

Database support is very imperative. For instance, Code Igniter provisions MySQL, Oracle, and SQLite, though the Kohana framework doesn’t sustenance Oracle or SQLite. Reliant on which database you wish to use or indicate for your project at hand, you will also need to study whether your database server funds this database type. 

Your framework should have a durable community, not just in terms of size but also in bustle and effectiveness. Even if it is a small community, as long as you are able to treasure sustenance, then that is a plus point. 

You should also be exhausted of frameworks that do not have any certification and unquestionably no worker attendant. Make definite that your PHP Framework has good certification that is kept up-to-date, and that the worker attendant its moderately easy to follow. 

Let us move to the next of this article,

List Of Popular PHP Frameworks


Being a PHP 5 Framework, Kohana bids flexibility and community support . 


CodeIgniter is added PHP framework that conveys litheness to the security and has a very trivial footprint. It is established primarily for PHP coders with all classes of preparation who need a more modest account to edifice web applications. 


Akelos is very analogous to a ROR framework only for PHP. It makes building web applications less complex and assistances a simpler web server. 


Logo - PHP Frameworks - EdurekaCakePHP is a hasty development framework for PHP that offers an extensible architecture for developing, maintaining, and deploying applications. Using commonly identified plan shapes like MVC and ORM inside the resolution over formation model, CakePHP diminishes evolving costs and helps developers write fewer codes. 

Zend Framework 

The Zend Framework is an object-oriented framework written sternly in PHP 5. It is modest, relaxed to work with, and has a movable construction that lets you use several Zend machineries to increase your applications functionality. 


The Symfony PHP Framework grasps a library of many classes written in PHP 5. Manner, useful components and excellent tools are provided for generating complex web apps. 


PHP Rapid Application Development Object-oriented, PRADO is a component-based and event-driven programming framework that helps you build applications based on PHP 5. 

Solar Frame 

Solar is a PHP 5 framework for web application development. It is fully name-spaced and uses inventiveness application design patterns, with built-in care for localization and conformation at all levels. 


The Maintainable PHP Framework was ceremoniously assembled to multitude its architects personal projects. Yet, it was extra released to open source. Like any framework, it is positively not right for all application. It is considered principally for use with small-to-mid- sized applications. 


Seagull is a advanced OOP framework for structure web, command line and GUI applications. Licensed underneath BSD, the project permits PHP developers to simply assimilate and accomplish code resources, and numeral complex applications speedily. 


FUSE is a Model View Controller framework for PHP. Pleasing impact from other web frameworks; such as Ruby on Rails and CakePHP, then tally in custom, spontaneous features of our own design, FUSE has modified into a robust, constant stand for MVC development using object oriented PHP. 


AjaxAC is an open-source framework written in PHP, used to develop AJAX applications. The essential idea overdue AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is to practice the XML Http Request object to alteration a web page state using related HTTP sub-requests without filling the entire page. It is released under the relations of the Apache License v2.0. 


PHOCOA is PHP framework for emergent web applications. PHOCOA’s chief committed is to make web application development in PHP easier, faster, and of higher quality. 


Limb is an Open Source (LGPL) PHP framework mostly designed for rapid web application prototyping and advance. The current dynamically settled office of framework is Limb3. 


Zoop has been in advance since 2001 and in use for the last 6 years in a figure of unalike production milieus. While it pre-exists the recent creation of PHP frameworks , it is based on solid MVC ideologies, plus departure of display, logic, and data layers. It is intended to be effectual, segmental, and extensible outstanding a poise between insubstantial and fully featured. 


BlueShoes is a comprehensive application framework and content management system. It is written in the widely used web-scripting language PHP. Blue Shoes offers excellent support for the popular MySQL database as well as support for Oracle and MSSQL. 


Recess is a Relaxing PHP framework that provides a fun and enjoyable developmental experience for learners and hardened developers alike. Recess is fast, lightweight, and has a very small mark ideal for LAMP development and drag-and-drop deployment to collective hosts. 


Logo - PHP Frameworks - EdurekaLaravel reprocesses and gathers live elements to afford you with a consistent surface upon which you can progress your website applications in a more designed and rational way. Representing motivation from several frameworks written not just in PHP but other programming languages too, Laravel offerings a durable set of tools and an application planning that integrates many of the best potentials of frameworks like CodeIgniter, Sinatra, Yii, Ruby on Rails. 

Laravel’s Best Features: 

  • Built-in Database Query Builder 
  • Unit-Testing Support 
  • Artisan Command-Line Interface 
  • Lumen Micro-Framework 
  • REST API Compatibility 


Inclusive, no staple where you viewpoint experience-wise, instigating a PHP framework tolerates us to condense our load by rapid up the coding and developmental method, laterally with eradicating the need to code cyclically. The above submissions should be cast- off as a prodigious start for picking and by means of the right framework that will assistance make sure your applications are successively effortlessly. 

PHP Frameworks also permits our applications to track on a more protected platform and decreases safekeeping hazards. Even though some designers may sense as though using a framework isn’t the case for them, they must keep an open mind, as the time could come when a state of affairs arises and they will come to find that they can help from Rapid Application Development. 


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PHP Frameworks: Everything You Need To Know About PHP Frameworks