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An ISRO Scientist Underwent Android Online Training!

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Usually, we are under the misconception that scientists are always busy inventing new things. However, like any other person, a scientist also learns something new everyday. In fact, the very nature of their jobs makes them passionate to learn something each moment of their lives! In the quest to learn about the latest technologies and to explore more, Ramprasad Chakraborty, a scientist at Indian Space Research Organisation underwent Android Online training at Edureka and ended up developing a dynamic Android app on Online Book Shopping! 

Android Development course at edureka

A Brief Background:

Android Online Training

Education: BSc (Hons) in Computer Science, BTech in Computer Science and Engineering

Working in: Indian Space Research Organisation

Designation: Scientist Engineer SC

This is what he felt about the Android Online training at Edureka…

“Learning with Edureka was a great experience for me! Being a professional, the most important part was flexibility of timing for studies. I think Edureka is best in that. Initially I was a bit skeptical about the effectiveness of the course. I attended the demo class on Android out of my interest for the topic and it was really a ‘Eureka’ moment for me and I needed no time to decide that I am going to opt for the course. Now I can proudly say that I have successfully completed my Android course from Edureka. Thanks Edureka!”

Let’s peep into his Android App!

As we all know that Android is covering a huge mobile platform market over the last few years, Ramprasad’s Android project demonstrates how an ‘Online Book Shopping‘ application can be developed for Android platform.

Key Activities of Ramprasad’s Android project:

Android Application Activity_1Activity 1 (Login):

The first activity in this Android App is the login screen which is used to authenticate a registered user on receiving the email address and password. The login screen checks in SqLite database for verifying the credentials of the valid user each time a user tries to login into POS. If the user enters an incorrect email id or password, it shows “Login failed…” error message. There is also an option for new user to register themselves to the POS, before they can login into the system. On successful login, the screen takes the user to the Booklist Activity (Activity 3).

Android Application Activity_2

Activity 2 (Register):

The second activity of the application is meant for new user registration. User comes to this activity on clicking the ‘SignUp’ button on the Login page (Activity 1). This activity asks for the email id, user name and password information from the new user, performs validation of inputs and then accepts the registration. On successful registration, a message is displayed as “Registered successfully…” and takes the user to the Booklist Activity (Activity 3).

Android Application Activity_3Activity 3 (Booklist):

This is the third and one of the main activities in this Android App. It shows a list of all the books for the default category – ‘Academics’, with Book Title, Book Price and Thumbnail information. A new category such as ‘comics’ can be selected from the spinner and list gets updated accordingly. On selection of a book from the list, the application takes the user to the Cart Activity (Activity 4) after user confirmation.

Android Application Activity_4

Activity 4 (Cart):

The Cart Activity shows a list of books selected by the user for purchase. It also shows the total amount of books selected including the tax. From here, the user can select ‘More shopping’ to go to the Booklist Activity again for more books or can ‘Checkout’ if the user doesn’t require more books and enter the Summary Activity (Activity 5).

Android Application Activity_5

Activity 5 (Summary):

This is the final activity of this Android application. All the selected books, prices, subtotal, total including taxes and user information are displayed on the screen. User confirms the purchase by clicking the ‘Done’ button. On confirming this, the purchase data is stored in the log file and the application starts freshly from the Login Activity (Activity 1).

“I would like to thank the whole Edureka team for their constant support. A special thanks to Parul Sharma for her good co-ordination of the batch and timely reminder about the classes. My extended thanks to Mr. Amit Sharma for sharing his valuable knowledge with us. Last but not least, I would like to convey my sincere gratitude for Mr. Vineet Chaturvedi for his thorough evaluation and suggestions for my project work which helped to bring it to the form as it is now.”

It is not the final Android project that matters the most, what is worth noting is the fact that people from different walks of lives are opting to Learn Android by looking out for Android Online training and having great FUN! Edureka constantly endeavors to provide rich and interactive learning experience to its learners through our unique Learning Methodology.

You too can be a part of this Android Euphoria! Just click on the link below to know more!

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An ISRO Scientist Underwent Android Online Training!