Published on Feb 14,2018
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Pentaho is making its mark in the world of analytics with its integrated and embeddable data integration and business analytics platform. Pentaho being open-source, provides a wide support to all leading Hadoop distributions, NoSQL databases and analytic databases. Pentaho also supports integration, blending and coordinating Big Data. By merging business analytics and data integration Pentaho brings together IT and business users to access the data that brings out significant changes to the business and thereby saving time, money and  provides greater value. Pentaho is recommended for Big Data, data integration and integrating business analytics in to enterprise applications

Pentaho for Big Data:

There are two challenges faced by the organizations, when it comes to Big Data: How to get unstructured data in to a Big Data store such as Hadoop, NoSQL or any other analytical platform and how to get valuable insight from Big Data. Pentaho solves both these challenges with their data integration capabilities and their integrated analytical tool set. Pentaho simplifies the blending of data with an array of tools to easily analyse, visualize, explore, report and predict, which makes it easy to transform data in to value.

The Pentaho suite consists of two offerings – Enterprise and Community edition. The Enterprise edition contains extra features not included in the community edition. The enterprise edition includes extra support services that can be obtained through annual subscription.

Pentaho BI Projects:

Pentaho offers an assorted collection of Business Intelligence products called Pentaho Business Analytics providing Business Intelligence platform, data integration, OLAP services, reporting,dashboard, data mining and ETL capabilities.

Who Benefits from Pentaho BI Projects?

  • Java Developers – Use project components to rapidly put together BI solutions
  • Independent Software Vendors– Improve value and capability by embedding BI functionality
  • End Users– Use it to rapidly deploy packaged BI solutions which are superior in performance but comparatively lower costs.

Pentaho Advantages over other proprietary BI Suites:

  • Open Standards Support – Pentaho is built on open standards while proprietary BI vendors only expose certain pieces of their functionality, usually through their own trademarked APIs
  • Process-Centric Architecture – Pentaho is designed to be easily integrated with any business process through popular standards, like BPEL. While proprietary BI vendors have designed their platforms in such a way that BI are standalone, monolithic application.
  • No Migration Legacy – BI vendors built on proprietary technology have huge installed bases to support and migrate through every release. This considerably slows their ability to modernize and complicates migration and upgrading for their customers. But Pentaho’s architecture and technology allows developers to focus on functional developments, rather than migration on multiple versions of previous software releases.

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