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Pentaho Case Study

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Pentaho has seen wide usage across industries with some of the big organizations, like Lufthansa.

Business Challenge

The Global Aviation company wanted to build a solution to make their core process of InterAirline Through Check-In (IATCI) measurable, accessible and available real-time for operational monitoring through dashboard.

Here, Pentaho is implemented in a stand-alone machine and Pentaho data integration tools are used for transformation. In order to conduct real-time data analysis and report generation, Business Analytics is used, which has a Pentaho BI server also.

It was able to aggregate and feed data into a management cockpit to analyze collected data for key decision-making purposes. By implementing this solution, they have data for analysis in a concise form. Management now receives instant notification of transmission errors, enabling the company to detect patterns on large amounts of data in real-time. The reports are scheduled and sent to business users and the benefit was seen in real time as being intimated immediately. Partner Airlines also receives alerts in case of transmission errors between different IT systems for passenger data. Lufthansa is able to comprehensively monitor one of its most important core processes in real-time for quality management: the transfer of passenger data between different airlines.

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