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How to Change the Forgotten Password in PHP

Published on Oct 18,2019 2.3K Views

The login system is where the forgot password recovery is mandatory. The account password which is forgotten is updated by the user by using a login system. The accent password can be reset easily by forgot password link. In this article, we will understand about Password in PHP in the following order:


Forgot Password

The forgot password recovered process and creating the script to implement forgot password email functionally in the PHP login system.


The file tested can be used in the recovery of the forgot password. The following pointers need to be considered while providing the password in PHP:

  • Style.css: forgot ,rest form and styling login

  • Rest password.php: displays the rested password form

  • User accont.php: handle forgot password, reset password, and email sending.

  • Forgot password.php: display forgotten password  form

  • User.php: handle related work of databases

  • Index.php: display login form with forgotten password line



Methods to Reset Password in PHP

A user can reset the password using the 3 methods listed below:

  • Sending password: It is fetched due to database of the database is a plain texted password (these types are not recommended)

  • Generating a random string as a password. The user has received it in type of email. The database will be updated with passwords using hashed passwords.

  • Using password reset token: the hashed string is generated at random. The database is stored in a hashed string but they might not be stored in a password column. The user receives a link in the form of an email. The user will be asked to enter the password. The old password can be used to log in until that time.

These are two scripts that allow fixing the forgotten PHP password script. The one that allowed to for the user to enter their email address to save their new password they may have to visit the link which is emailed


To write the forgot password php. Begin with a new document in the text edited or IDE, to be named forgot password php.

The code is:

<?php #script 18.10-
forgot password.php
$page_title =”forgot your password”;
Check whether the form is submitted, it has also include database connection and create
The flag variable:
if ($-server (“request method”);=”post”)(
require (MYSQL);


Resetting a Password in PHP

It inevitably that the people forgetting their password ore most common in a web site, it is imported to have a contingency plan for such conditions and occasions. When this extra has it is difficult enough for administrating the site

This will be a script for the purpose of resetting the password. The password stored in the database is encrypted using PHP password hash() function, there is no way to strive and unencrypted version

The alternative is to create a new password and change the existing password to this value. Rather than just display the new password in the browses the new password will be emailed to the address with which the user registered.


With this, we come to the end of this article. I hope you got ann understanding of the various ways to reset a password.

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How to Change the Forgotten Password in PHP