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Optimising People Management to Achieve Company Goals

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Human resources are the most highly valued of all the resources in a company. They are the pillars of any organisation, and without their contribution, the firm will not be able to reach its objectives. By themselves, the workforce of a company may not be effective. They must be managed well and utilised to benefit the establishment. Though department heads are responsible for getting the work done by the employees, the HR department plans, recruits, and develops the human workforce of a firm. Without proper people management, neither workers nor the firm benefit. 

What Is People Management?

In simple terms, people management is a set of activities that concerns a company’s workers. The department is responsible for ensuring everyone’s contribution to the progress of the company and the achievement of its goals. These officials also must ensure that employees get their work benefits. All staff members in a company must feel that their skills are being completely utilised and appreciated by the firm. The workforce management team must make every individual’s journey in the company smooth and comfortable. They must make sure that the company treats every worker without discrimination.

The officials in charge of people management are responsible for identifying the need for skills to upgrade the employees. Once it is done, HR teams arrange for training programs, and the staff members are made ready to face present and future challenges. The HR department works the workers’ salaries and benefits on par with the market. It will help in retaining people and ensure their loyalty to the firm. The other important function of the department is to resolve conflicts that occur among employees and between them and the management. 

We have just seen in brief what people management is. It is an exciting profession and deals with the aspirations and problems of the people in a company. Those who are interested in being HR professionals can join our Post Graduate Certificate Course in Human Resource Management. A visit to the website shows what the program can teach you.

The Importance Of People Management

Why is people management so important for an organisation? The main reason is that the firm can recruit skilled workers and retain them as long as possible. Recruiting the right individuals is crucial for the company to achieve its goals. The HR management must find the most suitable candidates and make sure they are happy to work in the firm. This department finds out what type of people the firm needs and who can fit into the company’s environment perfectly. 

The people management officials help employees clearly understand their roles in the organisation. It helps people work more effectively and contribute better to the company’s growth and development. The human resource personnel act as the voice of the workers to put up their requirements to the management. They also communicate what the executives of the company want to tell the employees. By performing this role, they make sure that both sides are clear about each other’s expectations. 

The Duties Of The HR Department


This is one of the major responsibilities of the people management officials. They must first analyse and understand the staffing requirements of the firm. They must then advertise the jobs on platforms that are most suitable. Today social media platforms are considered one of the best places to search for good candidates. Being active in social media and showcasing the company’s brand image lures people to come forward and apply for jobs in the firm. When hiring people, these officials must ensure that they can fulfill the organisation’s current needs and become ready for future responsibilities. 

Salaries And Benefits

A company can retain people only if they are paid deserving salaries and benefits. It is the job of the HR officials to make sure that they offer salaries that are on par with the market. This will help recruit the best hands available for the particular position. Those in charge of people management must constantly get data from the field about salaries paid by similar companies in the same industry. They must also give periodical increments to existing staff to make sure they stay in the company and work towards its growth. 

Training And Development

Nobody prefers to stay in the same position for long. Everyone expects to be elevated to a higher post. They must possess the necessary skills for this. It is the people management team that must provide adequate training for the employees. These officials must analyse the skill requirement for the present and future and give the training to make workers capable of handling their jobs. When a company takes initiative to train employees, it shows its interest in the people. It is a good reason for them to remain loyal to the firm. 

Assessment And Rewards

HR personnel must regularly assess employees for their worthiness. This will help the company know those contributing to the firm’s growth. Such a performance analysis also shows which staff members need to improve their work. Conducting such appraisals helps the people management officials to reward the deserving ones. Rewarding them with salary increases and promotions helps the company retain good employees. The regular assessment also shows those needing the training to equip them with the skills required to do their jobs better. 

Employee Retention

Employee retention is a serious issue nowadays, with people leaving firms for silly reasons. Finding the reasons for their leaving and resolving the matter is critical for the company. With new companies from within and outside the country setting up operations here, these workers find ample opportunities. Letting them go and hiring new people is expensive for any firm. The recruits will take some time before settling into their jobs and contributing their full capabilities. That is why those tasked with people management look for all methods to keep employees from leaving. 

Conflict Resolution

When many people from different social and educational backgrounds work under the same roof, conflicts are possible. There can be disputes between employees for various reasons. The management and workers can also have grievances against each other. The people management team has to resolve conflicts and make sure that the working atmosphere is peaceful. The HR department must also make sure that employees are not discriminated against based on their social, economical or educational backgrounds. When disputes are resolved quickly, the productivity of the firm improves greatly. 

Formulating And Updating Policies

Most policies of a firm affect its employees. The manpower management has to make sure that policies are formulated keeping in mind the welfare of the staff members. They must also regularly check the policy changes made by local and central governments concerning employees. There may be certain policies that are no more needed, and these must be scrapped. As the company progresses and changes in its working style happen, new policies must be introduced. The recent pandemic forced many involved in people management to create rules regarding remote working. 

Apart from the above, there are other regular duties like maintaining attendance, leaves and preparation of payroll of the employees. To learn more about the tasks of the people management team, you can enrol in our Post Graduate Certificate Program in Human Resource Management. More details about the course are available on our website. 

How To Be An Effective HR Personnel?

People management is a crucial job in all companies because the availability and proper utilisation of the staff members are needed for the firm’s growth and development. Optimal use of people results in reduced costs and improved profits. So, what key aspects must an HR manager keep in mind to be effective?

  1. Hire Right

Hiring the right people results in improved efficiency and achievement of company goals. It is the first step to being an effective HR person. There are no set formulas to find the perfect candidate for a post. But conducting interviews to determine the person’s capabilities and attitude can help determine if someone is suitable for the vacancy. Those responsible for people management must also make sure that the selected candidate has the potential to handle higher responsibilities in the future. Another crucial thing to consider is if the person will adapt to the company culture.

  1. Set Clear Goals

When hiring and afterwards, it is essential to set clear goals for the employees. In many companies, workers are unable to bring out their full potential as they don’t know what is expected of them. When employing someone, make it clear to them what duties they are expected to perform now and what they will be asked to handle in the future. A document with their job descriptions must be provided to every staff member. The people management team must update the document as the person’s responsibilities change or increase. 

  1. Listen Actively

This is one of the skills that every HR person must possess. They must listen to the employees very attentively. This helps to know the general feeling among the staff members with regard to company policies. Hearing the complaints of workers is a great way to resolve issues. It also creates a feeling among them that the firm takes a sympathetic look at their problems. When the officers of the people management team listen to employees, they feel valued, and this can lead to a positive working atmosphere and better staff engagement. 

  1. Give Feedback Regularly

This is also another important way to make the employees feel more involved in their work. There must be continuous assessment, and the HR department must provide feedback on the same to the person and the department head. Such information is valuable for people to improve in areas where they are not up to expectations. It is best to convey negative feedback over a personal chat or call. You must convey all positive aspects in a meeting where others are also present. This motivates employees greatly. Those involved in people management must know how to present the feedback properly. 

  1. Provide Training 

It is very important to provide opportunities for everyone to grow and progress in their careers. Not all individuals will have the skills to handle higher responsibilities. It is here that training plays a major role. Timely training must be provided to all workers in areas where they need to improve. The people management team must regularly assess the capabilities of people and conduct training programs. This will greatly help in retaining employees as they realise that the company is interested in their personal growth. 

  1. Build Relationships With Employees

The people management team must build relationships with employees of all departments. This must go beyond official. One must know the life of these workers beyond the workplace. It is beneficial to know their family life and their interests outside work. Such knowledge helps when dealing with problems at the office. It also helps make casual conversations and get access to information that may not be conveyed officially. Knowing the people will also improve your empathy for their problems. 

There are various ways in which the HR team can help employees perform better and guide the company to its goals. Anyone in the people management team must first develop empathy for the workers and work towards their welfare. One can learn more about being effective as a man management personnel on our Post Graduate Certificate Course in Human Resource Management. Find out the details about this course on our website. 


Being part of the people management team can be exciting as the job involves the well-being of staff members in the firm. It makes you instrumental in improving the career and lifestyle of workers. As the job involves dealing with people, it gives you a chance to understand the difference between individuals and appreciate them. All one needs to be on this job is a liking for fellow beings and empathy towards their life. 


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Optimising People Management to Achieve Company Goals