Published on Dec 16,2016
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Barely a year into its launch, Neo4j already has an impressive list of clients. Walmart, ebay, Telenor, Facebook – all these phenomenal brands use Neo4j technology in order to optimize customer experience, tackle ecommerce delivery service routing, solve resource authorization challenges and enhance the customer experience in general. In fact, Forrester Research 2015 predicted that over a quarter of global enterprises will be using Neo4j Graph Database by 2017 to support next-generation business applications that need connected datasets.

Understanding Neo and Neo4j

Neo is a robust, scalable, high performance and embedded persistence engine for efficient management of semi-structured and network-oriented data. Neo has been written from scratch with performance and scalability in mind.

Neo4j is an open source NOSQL graph database, implemented in Java. It saves structured data in graphs rather than in tables. Graph databases simplify and speed up access to data that is complex and contains many connections. They use graph structures with nodes, edges, and properties to store and access connected information, and can traverse parts of the data without touching the whole graph.

Career Progression with Neo4j

Neo4j is widely used for:

  • Highly connected data
  • Recommendation
  • Path Finding
  • Data First Schema
  • Schema Evolution
  • A* (Least Cost Path)

When statistics speak for themselves, we don’t need to stitch words together to explain how Neo4j technology has revolutionized the IT industry. Here are a few facts:

  • In the LinkedIn NoSQL Skills Index 2014, Neo4j emerged as the fastest growing IT skill with a growth rate of 17.99%.
  • The average salary for IT jobs citing Neo4j skill has increased by 10% over the last one year, and is expected to grow by 5% year on year (Source: ITJobsWatch).
  • On the popularity index, Neo4j as a preferred IT skill has gained an astounding 77 points in just one year (Source: ITJobsWatch).

The future of Neo4j

Graphs continue to become mainstream, as more and more large enterprises are recognizing the transformative power of graphs for uncovering the connections inherent in their big data.

  • Neo4j was named ‘the most popular graph database’ in Forrester’s Market Overview on Graph Databases report. The report states that with Neo4j organizations can create new intelligence-based business opportunities that weren’t possible before.
  • Neo4j was also named a ‘champion’ in a vendor landscape report on graph databases by Bloor Research. The report states that Neo4j handles a class of issues that are too structured for NoSQL and too diverse for relational technologies.

Eligibility to learn Neo4j

Even though you need not be a pro, working knowledge of core Java concepts, Spring framework, Maven and good knowledge of NoSQL databases will help you to get up-to speed.

With its ‘Mastering Neo4j Graph Database’ course, Edureka aims to equip you with skills and expertise in handling the highly connected data, its modeling and creating the database applications using Neo4j. With knowledge of Neo4j up your sleeve, brace up to be in high demand in the areas of Social Networking, Retail, Finance, Healthcare and Telecom domains which use highly connected data. New batches are coming up. Learn more here.

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