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All you Need to Know about MVC In AngularJs

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The concept of MVC is a great one and the basic idea of having three separate entities and never mix them up. In this article, we will  understand what is MVC in AngularJS in the following order:


What is MVC in AngularJS?

AngularJs supports the MVC pattern. MVC i.e. Model View Controller is a software design pattern used for the development of web applications. It comprises of the following parts:

  • Model – The lowest level of the pattern, the model consists of a database. The responsibility of managing the application data is given to the model. In simpler terms, it manages the data and the logic of the application.

  • View – The View is responsible for displaying parts of the data or the entire data to the user. To display the data from the controller, we can add Angular expressions to the view, which coordinate the model and view about any modifications. In simpler terms, the view is the user interface, which showcases the output.

  • Controller – The control over the model and view is provided by the controller, i.e. it controls the retrieval of the data, along with the display. In simpler terms, the controller manages the interaction between the model and the view part.

MVC In AngularJs

The MVC Architectural pattern has been used efficiently and effectively for a long time in software engineering. 

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Working of MVC in AgularJS

MVC can be implemented in AngularJs through the usage of JavaScript and HTML. The model part can be implemented by HTML, whereas the model and the controller part can be implemented by JavaScript.

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The following example shows the working of MVC:

<!doctype html>

<html ng-app>


<title>Angular MVC Architecture </title>

<script src=”lib/Angular/angular.min.js”></script>



<div ng-controller = “address”>

<h1>{ {Person.Name} }</h1>


<script type=”text/javascript”>

function address($scope){

$scope.Person= {

'Name'      :   'Ari Jon ',

'Address'  :   'Park, NYC',






The output will be the name of the person, that is, Ari Jon.

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With this, we come to an end of this MVC in AngularJS article. The implementation of MVC architecture in angular is done by the method mentioned in this article. Separation of responsibilities is made possible due to this architecture. While the model consists of the application data, the view represents the layout or the user interface. The controller acts as a connection between the view and the model. For more check out this Full stack developer course today.

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All you Need to Know about MVC In AngularJs