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Face Off: MongoDB Vs HBase Vs Cassandra

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When to use a NoSQL Database?

NoSQL databases are considered for the following conditions:

  • Storage required to handle very high load
  • Many write operations on the storage
  • Horizontally scalable storage
  • Simple query language

 Examples –  When to Use NoSQL: 

  • Logging/Archiving –  Log-mining tools are helpful because they can access logs across servers, relate them and analyze them.
  • Social Computing Insight – Enterprises are providing their users, the ability to do social computing through message forums, blogs etc.
  • External Data Feed Integration – There is a need to integrate data coming from business partners. When two organizations are involved there is little control over the format of the data coming to them. NoSQL plays an important role under such situations.
  • Front-end order processing systems –  There is a need to capture requests like amount of orders, applications and service requests coming from different sources to retailers, bankers and Insurance providers, entertainment service providers, logistic providers, etc  without any break whenever an end user makes a transaction. The system typically updates them to back-end systems as well as updates the end user on his/her order status.
  • Enterprise Content Management Service – Content Management is now used across companies’ different functional groups. The challenge is to bring together different groups using different meta data structures in a common content management service.
  • Real-time stats/analytics – At times, it is necessary to use the database to track real-time performance metrics for websites. Tools like Google Analytics are great but not real-time, so it is useful to build a secondary system that provides basic real-time stats.

Comparing Databases – Cassandra Vs MongoDB Vs HBase:


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Face Off: MongoDB Vs HBase Vs Cassandra