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MongoDB Vs Cassandra

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Use of Cassandra

Cassandra is simple to maintain and often the administrator has a minimal part to play here since most of the work is done automatically. So if it has to be scaled up or down, add a node or remove one, it’s very fast. It  provides a simple tool that will help you speed up with necessary tasks so often that there is nothing to worry about. Re-syncing and balancing of data are automatically carried out.  It provides high velocity compared to the other NoSQL systems.

It has the capability of increasing columns for a specific type. It is only suitable for a case where secondary index needs are less which means there is an absolutely de-normalized information i.e all the information serves a specific query. It sits in one single table and avoids moving across multiple tables to serve a specific client query. Basically, Cassandra will support non-group pi kind of systems. Cassandra can be used in those situations where there are less secondary index needs. In case, you need a very simple set up, extremely high velocity of reads and writes and wide column requirements, Cassandra will be a good pick.

Where not to use Cassandra

There are certain dos and don’ts while dealing with Cassandra. The don’ts are as follows:

  • Secondary indexes
  • Relational Data
  • Transactional
  • Primary and financial records
  • Stringent security
  • Dynamic queries on columns
  • Searching column data
  • Low latency

Use of MongoDB

MongoDB is relational database management system (RDBMS) replacement for web applications. So when you have something which is close to RDBMS, MongoDB could be of good use. It gives you that additional partition tolerance which RDMBS doesn’t give but it has problems with availability. But if you want more scalability, MongoDB would be your choice. It’s suitable for real-time analytics and high speed logging. It’s highly scalable as well. Craigslist uses MongoDB for archived posts.

Where not to use MonogDB

There are certain dos and don’ts while dealing with MongoDB as well. They are as follows:

  • Highly transactional applications
  • Applications with traditional database system requirements such as foreign-key constraints etc.

Cassandra gives a consistent performance as compared to MongoDB and has a strong H-base. In case of writing too much data and feeds, when there is a high volume of reads and writes, then Cassandra comes in use. MongoDB is used more in movie booking sites, replacement of existing RDBMS applications because it falls very close to the application of RDBMS.

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MongoDB Vs Cassandra