Why Live, Online Learning is the Right Choice

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Mir Juned
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“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

We are currently in the Age of Innovation. The IT industry is rapidly changing and keeping up with the technology trends is necessary but also challenging for modern-day professionals. In fact, a study done by Edureka found that technology professionals need to up-skill themselves 15 to 20 times in order to stay relevant in the industry. But, this is a relatively difficult task because of busy schedules and competitive environments. That’s where online learning comes into the picture, adding convenience to quality training.

While online learning seems to be the answer to most questions related to up-skilling, there is one big issue that plagues this model: course completion rates are astonishingly low. To understand why this gap exists, Edureka conducted a survey of 339 Indian IT professionals who were interested in online courses. Although completion rates vary with respect to the type of course (live or self-paced) and also based on the technology being covered, more than fifty percent of technology professionals in India give up their courses before completing them. This happens because of a number of reasons including the learners’ inability to motivate themselves and lack of hands-on guidance. 

There were five basic questions that we asked professionals to understand why the course completion rates were so alarmingly low:

  1. How often do you give up when learning a new technology?
  2. What is the reason you give up when learning a new technology?
  3. If you wanted to learn a new technology today, what method would you prefer?
  4. If you’re considering learning a new technology, how important of a consideration is affordability?
  5. During the process of learning a new technology, how important is it for you to interact with the instructor?

An interesting fact we found here is that even though most people seem to be hesitant when it comes to spending a few thousand rupees on other goods and services, professionals seem to be completely fine with investing in an expensive course, provided the quality of the course is high and they get hands-on experience.

To see more detailed insights

Here’s a snapshot from the survey that depicts the learning preferences of Indian IT professionals:

Online learning IT Professionals

The conclusion from the report is that while online learning is a great way for IT professionals looking to keep up with trending technologies, e-learning platforms need to offer the best of both worlds – online learning’s inherent convenience and ease of access with offline’s real-time interaction and engagement.

Download the free report now to understand more about what professionals like you are saying about current learning models, specifically in the e-learning space.


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