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Top 10 Reasons to Learn Ethical Hacking

Last updated on Jun 19,2024 4.9K Views

Research Analyst at edureka with a proficiency in Ethereum, Cybersecurity and Cryptography! Research Analyst at edureka with a proficiency in Ethereum, Cybersecurity and Cryptography!

Top 10 Reasons To Learn Ethical Hacking

The ethical hacking industry has received a generous amount of spotlight in the past few years, especially since the GDPR regulations have been revised. If you’re still contemplating whether an ethical hacking career is your cup of tea, then here are top 10 reasons to learn ethical hacking that might convince you to build a career around it:

Top 10 Reasons to Learn Cybersecurity in 2024 | Why Cybersecurity is Important | Edureka

10. Job Never Gets BoringInteresting Job - Learn Ethical Hacking - Edureka

Do you fear a monotonous job that gets drearier by the second? Then, an ethical hacking career might just be your thing. With old threats evolving into new ones, while an array of other attacks are devised by black hat hackers you’re bound to do a generous amount of brainstorming. It’s not the regular kind of brainstorming too, because as an ethical hacker you will also have to fix the mishaps left behind by crackers and this requires an out of the box approach. You will also get to use a variety of ethical hacking tools which will surely help you improvise your skill sets. 

9. Work in any industry

Industry - Learn Ethical Hacking - EdurekaEvery company needs an ethical hacker. Whether it be a logistics company, a social media company or something as simple as textiles; if it has an internet facing site or if they deal with a lot of user-generated data, they are prone to hackers. Therefore an ethical hacker finds himself being sought by a multitude of industries, not limited to the IT industry only. Not being limited by a domain, is a fantastic reason to learn ethical hacking.

8. Generous salarySalary - Reasons to Learn Ethical Hacking - Edureka

I think we all can agree that ‘money makes the world go round’. The world has realized the sheer importance of cybersecurity and ethical hacking due to recent breaches in privacy. Faced with online attacks, private and public agencies are looking for ethical hacking experts who can protect their systems from cybercriminals. These companies are generally ready to pay a handsome salary to the security experts who efficiently protects them and their company privacy from black hat hackers.

7. A Greater Sense of AchievementCyberprotection - Learn Ethical Hacking - Edureka

At the crux of it all, the job of an ethical hacker is to protect. The act of providing protection always brings about a greater sense of achievement. Thousands of people fall prey to malicious hackers on a daily basis and it is an ethical hacker’s job to defend an organization against such crimes. If you want the satisfaction of doing a rewarding job and if you want to make a real difference, learn ethical hacking through the Hacking course training and join the industry!

6. Plenty of Opportunities Opportunities - Learn Ethical Hacking - Edureka

As already discussed, an ethical hacker finds a job in a multitude of industries, but the good news doesn’t stop there. According to a recent study by the Bureau of labor statistics, there are around 300,000 job opportunities out there for certified ethical hackers. These positions though are going unfilled most of the time due to the lack of professional experts. So, it’s only obvious that if you’re an aspiring ethical hacker, missing out on opportunities is one thing you shouldn’t worry about.

Gain practical knowledge and expertise in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities during this Ethical Hacking Internship.

5. The Thrill of HackingHacking Thrill - Learn Ethical Hacking - Edureka

An ethical hacker is essentially a hacker who works for the greater good. When he finds a vulnerability in a system and successfully exploits it, he reports it to the appropriate people, unlike a hacker who uses it for personal gains. In essence, not only does an ethical hacker protect an organization but also experience the thrill of hacking into a system, which undeniably provides an adrenaline rush.

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4. Global Recognition Spotlight - Learn Ethical Hacking - Edureka

To become an Ethical hacker, one generally goes through the Ethical Hacking Certification Training. This exam tests your theoretical and applicative knowledge of the different fundamentals of ethical hacking and penetration testing. After you pass the exam, you are awarded the Certified Ethical Hacker Certification. This is not your everyday certification as it increases the holder’s market value immensely. Above that, the value of CEH certification is recognized across the globe and getting a job in any country should be near effortless. 

3. Get to Travel the WorldTravel the world - Learn Ethical Hacking - Edureka

For those of you, who aspire to travel the globe, ethical hacking might just be the perfect career path. Thousands of home-grown ethical hacking experts or working to protect businesses, government agencies, and general consumers. On a global scale, the rise in cyber-attacks is outpacing the supply of white hat hackers. This results in plenty of opportunities for cybersecurity professionals and experts to travel overseas to serve their skills which are in high demand. Hence, if you have ever wanted to work in a different country, then a career in ethical hacking might just be your perfect passport to success!

2. Work for Fortune 500 Companies

Everybody wants to work for the best company in their field. Whether it be the IT industry, where everybody dreams to work at Google or whether it be the fashion industry where you might want to work for big brands like Calvin and Klein. As an ethical hacker, this is very much achievable because of the lack of the restriction of a domain. You could be an ethical hacker who works for Calvin and Klein protecting their systems from being breached in and their top designs getting stolen, or you could simply be working for Facebook as an ethical hacker.

1. Protect YourselfSelf Defense - Learn Ethical Hacking - Edureka

One should know how to protect one’s self before he moves on to protect others. When you become an ethical hacker you learn to protect others from all sorts of cyber crimes that exist out there from password theft to debit card frauds. This also implies that in the process you learn to protect your self from a majority of the cyber crimes out there, because self-defense is the best defense.

I hope my blog on “Top 10 reasons to Learn Ethical Hacking” was relevant for you and helped make up your mind. For more information regarding cybersecurity, you can check out my other blogs. If you wish to learn Cybersecurity and build a colorful career in this domain, then check out our Cyber Security Certification Course which comes with instructor-led live training and real-life project experience. This training will help you understand cybersecurity in depth and help you achieve mastery over the subject.

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Top 10 Reasons to Learn Ethical Hacking